Some personal updates of the world of Larry.

*) I have started the process of conversion to Judaism and have begun attending regularly at the Conservative Synagogue in Sarasota (you will be hearing more on that later)
*)I have gotten work at a place of appointment I can’t talk about (due to company policy) and am working 4 tens. So my attempt to be more regular will be based around my schedule
*)My Governor Carson series will be updated, and I will also take a bigger “Fan Fiction” series where I now replace Obama when Obama says something that warrants it

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Governor Carson Episode IV

Governor Carson met with right to life leaders in Sioux City Iowa

We have a lot of extremes in this race. One guy you are familiar with in Iowa, Governor Huckabee, has a lot of good ideas on family issues. But he then goes out and makes embarrassing comments about a new Academy Award winner choosing to have a child out of Wedlock. You have Governor Romney, who I will expect you are going to hear a lot of this time around, who came to jesus as it were when he decided he was going to run for President. And we have at the other end of the spectrum Governor Daniels, who may be looking for an easy excuse not to run, who speaks to our lack of need to say or do anything at all. And his truce I wish to speak the most of.

He proposed a truce to fight the new “red menace” of our time. He proposed this truce so we could bring people of good will together to solve our fiscal train wreck. Governor Daniels Truce is supposed to turn the dial back to 2008 and not advance the ball further on any issues vital to people who center their values on their faith. He evoked the spirit of unity that we had in the cold war. A spirit of unity in the face of communism. While this unity in the face of communism is more a matter of historical mythology, it also fails to make rudimentary sense.

If you believe that a lack of federal fetal stem cell research, research that costs the federal government an insignificant cost, saves human lives why should you let it die on the vine for a truce. If you believe that killing the unborn is a genocide, why wouldn’t you stand up. If you believe denying homosexuals the right to marry makes them second class citizens why wouldn’t you stand up and fight. Because why his analogy fails in a unity over communism divisive social change occurred during the cold war with parties and politicians picking sides.

The notion that the fight to stop communism should mean that African American people would sit on the back of the Bus today sounds absurd to you. That very much is the type of thinking Governor Daniels is proposing. If we as a party choose to live by bread alone, why would anyone choose to stand up for us? We need to be realistic about what issues and what bills are most vital for the public good but ending the national debt isn’t worth the cost of our soul as a nation.

But on the converse when people shoot the low hanging fruit of an Academy Award winner who is choosing to have a child out of wedlock no one is going to take us seriously. Especially when that woman is choosing to have the child out of wed lock with her fiancee. And here we see the other end of the same deficiency in leadership that Governor Daniels issues in his truce: A lack of judgment and sense. Their will be moral issues like tragedies and triumphs that the American people seek the leadership of their President in. The President must be mindful of his special leadership and special place in this world. It is a President’s most special treasure. If men feel their should be no judgment and we should take social to either extreme its no wonder most people want no part of that in their politics.

We will have to fight for moral issues in our Foreign Policy and Fiscal Policy, and as we do we will have to earn back the trust of people on these other issues. But we do not give up our belief in what is right and never sell our soul on the alter of political expediency and power.

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Governor Carson Episode III

Governor Carson made his first trip to Iowa in the run up to his exploring a presidential run. He made the following comments at a Waterloo Iowa event.

The administration has made comments about the difficulty of setting up a No Fly Zone. But I think a lot of the commentary on the issue is driven as a policy from the mind of the “prisoner of the moment.” The Prisoner of the Moment seems to be what drives this administration and its foreign policy. When the uprising broke out in Tunisia it was probably logical for the government to take no action. When it moved to Egypt the President should have said “I want you to look at every Middle East regime and develop a range of military solutions to solve those problems that might come up.” When it moved into Yemen we should have moved a carrier into the Mediterranean to be prepared to handle the problem. Once we did that we could have then went to our Nato allies and said “your having a refugee problem from this instability maybe we need to move naval resources into the med.” By the time the dominos fell to Libya we would have had resources in the Med and when we said to Gaddhafi “Hey stop killing your own people” our words would have been backed by military resources.

Instead we have a President who has only just now taken those steps. Because the “Obama Doctrine” is one thats driven by reacting to events. The United States of America is seen as a leader in the world and leaders are not reactionaries. Leaders fight to redirect events and help their own people deal with these events. We now have to wonder how much bigger this tide in the Islamic world will get before the United States Government has the ability to get a handle on it.

Now we have to ask “should we set up a no fly zone in Libya.” Those rebelling against Qaddafi have asked us to. This is leading to a refugee crisis in the South of Europe as well as Tunisia and Egypt who are both less stable and less able to deal with such a crisis. If we do nothing we risk losing any gains we have and any ability to influence positive change in Egypt of Tunisia. We risk losing the ability to have the International order speak credibly on issues of Human Rights. So it is right for us to act, but as I said this to Europe is more then just an academic exercise. France, Italy, and Spain will all have to deal with consequences if this goes bad. So the President needs to go to our Allies and calling on them to step up. We have asked for them to step up in Afghanistan and they largely have not. But here we are in their back yard. If not now, when? If not here, where? And if Europe answers “no” to both of these questions we need to ask some tougher and deeper questions about our Military and Foreign policy.

If Europe will step up to the best of their ability, and if the rebels wish us to be there we should set up a No Fly Zone. But we should have been ready to act before this problem occurred. And we should have stood out as a consequence to maybe have averted the tragedy

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Governor Carson Episode II

In a meeting with Christian Coalition leaders in Jefferson state Governor Carson commented on recent comments by Governor Huckabee and President Obama.

Governor Huckabee made some unfortunate comments about where the President grew up. And President Obama in a new book is alleged to have said something just as unfortunate about the tea party. We see two sides of the same coin in why our political system is so troubled. Some one even wrote a book about it.

Governor Huckabee if we take him at his word, and for the moment I think that’s fair to do he is presenting the popular belief the President don’t share the common American experiences or the common view about America. And its true his experiences are different then 60-80% of the American people. But their is this other part of the American experience. People on the outside of the mainstream live and have a different experience. But more often then not that item of difference is just at the outside of their own life experiences. Had President Obama ran a campaign based on who he was, and what he stood for this difference might have gone unnoticed. If the President didn’t run on “Hope and Change” with which you could fill in any of your aspirations it might have gone different. But we now have a President who seems to have been created whole cloth out of central casting and no one knows how he came to office. This shock and cognitive disobedience leads to people saying he was born in another country or is influenced by some sort of kenyan-marxist voodo. The truth is their are people all over this country who think and believe these unusual thoughts about America and its place in the world as the President, you can find them on Universities all over the country. But these ideas are not part of the mainstream and are not part of the longer traditions of Americanism so we should have an honest discussion about that.

And President Obama’s unfortunate statement, if it is true, is from the outside looking in. It refuses to believe that people can come to disagreement out of honesty. So the disagreement must be centered on the fact he is a black man. This perspective shows both a personal narcissism in the President that the animus must be driven on him personally and not his ideas, but it also presumes a moral failing in those that disagree. Which brings us back to Governor Huckabee’s misstatement. One that says the failings of President Obama, a person who is still rather well liked, comes from his having an alien temperament and belief system.

Is this the sort of discourse we need to move our country forward? People can believe the wrong things, they can even believe the wrong things for the wrong reasons, but they are still part of the Grand American Experiment

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Governor Carson Considering a run for the White House

In a meeting with Wyandota County Tea Party Activists held by the Wyandota County Republican Party Governor Carson spoke about the possibility of running for President.

Why not me, well I guess it all depends on what you are looking for in a Presidential Candidate. We had a senator Senator campaign to fundamentally transform America who when he became President instead of being a transformative leader has become a specter haunting out nation. Instead of a leader we have a President who outsources his leadership and responsibilities to congress. If that’s the standard by which we judge some one as fit to be President then I am grossly overqualified. But if you think the American people deserve better, then maybe I should run for President.

The three candidates we have furthest down the line in the Republican Primary came of political maturity during the 1990s. Those others in the pipe line also haven’t had new ideas sine the 1990s either in the lot of them. This is not that we had bad ideas in the 1990s as the Republican party, But its time that we need ideas and leadership to face the challenges we have today. Some of the Republican solutions to ideas of Global Warming Immigration Reform, and Health Care Reform that were crafted for political ends need to be abandoned. We need to have Republican ideas for the common good on those issues. We need not just come up with ways to try to engineer a permanent Republican Majority, we need to make our party be worthy of that majority.

We have two Marquee candidates who can and have said anything to get elected. They changed their point of view as elections came on their to do list. I pray when they came to choices where they agree with me they did it honestly, and I pray when they came to choices I disagree with they were just in error. But with the challenges we face as a country these men do not have the spine to make the choices we need and they have much work to do in proving they will do what we need done. The third marquee candidate is some one I deeply respect and who has the iron in her spine that others lack, seems manifestly unwilling to do what needs to be done to ride on the white horse as General Washington did.

We need a President who can reform the US Tax code. Even if that means we do a way with a lot of tax cuts that reward good behavior. We need to maximize the benefits to the tax payer in lower rates. We need to do the same thing with corporate tax rates. We need to make reforms to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Federal pension system, and the Federal Health Insurance system. We need to make cuts and savings so the governments spending is sustainable. And we need to do this at the same time while being stimulative and productive in encouraging our economy to grow. We need to streamline and reduce regulations. This is one of the great challenges we face. And we need a President who will lead the American people to these reforms.

We face these economic challenge at times when the United States faces the most fundamental foreign policy challenges it may have ever faced. We face a rise of Narco terrorism in Mexico which threatens our neighbor to the south. If we see even half the violence in Mexico that Colombia faced it will radically change the United States as that violence inevitably comes to our shores. We watch the collapse and transformation of regimes across the middle east and instability caused by the weakness of the global economy. And while we face economic troubles and those matters will be seriously damaging to us, but if we do not deal with the wolf at our door none of that will matter.

As John McCain said the “Fundamentals of our economy are strong ” but as the wounds to our economy became more prolonged we began to see their are problems in our fundamentals. The system of college education has become a expensive ticket into high end jobs. And it has increasingly become an expensive ticket into low and medium end jobs. We have ignored energy and other infrastructural needs for decades, and the pains of that short sightedness we see today. We must change the role of college and other fundamental social, political and economic institutions to help America recover and resume its greatness on the world and historical stage.

And any candidate for President who is unwilling or is not driven to restore American greatness is not fit for the American people. So I think I could be a good candidate for President but right now I am working on being Governor of this state. But I am thinking about it.

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2012 Election Fan-Fiction (???)

So back in election 2008 I tried (and failed) at making a fictional candidate that I felt would be better then the pathetic 2008 Republican primary field.

So I am going to try this again. The new fictional stalking horse will be a governor and will be labeled with a fiction tag. Also unlike last time I will also be working with the Fictional state of Jefferson

I will see how it works out this time. I will also be doing some Meta-Posts to clarify the storytelling

In the event of election 2012 producing something GOOD, Governor Clark Carson of Jefferson State will bow out

The Latin Motto of Jefferson state is:

si is est non infractus don’t redintegro is

Bonus points to anyone who gets this refrence

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The Huckafraud Beclowns himself

While Mitch Daniels had a morally embarrassing interview where he displayed the cowardice and back tracking his “Inoffensive” campaign meme has been known by the Huckafraud (A.K.A Mike Huckabee) decided in an interview with Christianity today to show why he is an unserious Christian and unserious political figure

If people went back and heard every sermon I heard when I was a little kid and some of the more fundamentalist pastors were yelling from the pulpit at me, if they took every one of those sermons and lifted out of them certain phrases and things, it could be scandalous, but only out of the context of the bigger picture. That’s why I thought that a lot of the focus on Jeremiah Wright was misplaced.

But when the same lenses of questioning was put on Mitt Romney, a Mormon, the Huckafraud had a VERY different calculus

I don’t think they should, unless that person advances something truly bizarre. I’m more interested in, Do they live up to the tenets of their own faith? Let’s say if a Catholic says, “I’m Catholic but I’m also pro-abortion and pro-same-sex marriage,” I’d say whoa. It’s not that you’re a Catholic that’s disturbing, it’s disturbing that you would give your allegiance to a church and yet deny the very fundamental doctrines. I would wonder why that is—is it so empty and meaningless to you that you take it almost as membership in a club rather than devotion to and adherence to a set of beliefs? Those things are of far more concern to me than simply that a person happens to have a faith, whether it’s similar to mine or very different.

With an Irish Compliment he said it wasn’t wrong to attack Mitt as a mormon but you should measure him by the yardstick of what his church teaches and his adherence. This is an excellent standard and one you should apply when voting for some one. Take Nancy Pelosi. She made rather definitive statements of doctrine that she got called on the carpet on.

While Beck isn’t 100% right on the subject Wright’s church is (and you listen to his sermons you can tell) by Black Liberation Theology

So lets take a look at some of the ideas in Black Liberation Theology

wight Hopkins, a professor at the University of Chicago Divinity School, says black liberation theology often portrays Jesus as a brown-skinned revolutionary. He cites the words of Mary in the Magnificat — also known as the “Song of Mary” — in which she says God intends to bring down the mighty and raise the lowly. Hopkins also notes that in the book of Matthew, Jesus says the path to heaven is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and the prisoners. And the central text for black liberation theology can be found in Chapter 4 of Luke’s gospel, where Jesus outlines the purpose of his ministry.

“Jesus says my mission is to eradicate poverty and to bring about freedom and liberation for the oppressed,” Hopkins says. “And most Christian pastors in America skip over that part of the book.
One of the tasks of black theology, says Cone, is to analyze the nature of the gospel of Jesus Christ in light of the experience of oppressed blacks. For Cone, no theology is Christian theology unless it arises from oppressed communities and interprets Jesus’ work as that of liberation. Christian theology is understood in terms of systemic and structural relationships between two main groups: victims (the oppressed) and victimizers (oppressors). In Cone’s context, writing in the late 1960s and early 1970s, the great event of Christ’s liberation was freeing African Americans from the centuries-old tyranny of white racism and white oppression.
For black theologians, white Americans do not have the ability to recognize the humanity in persons of color, blacks need their own theology to affirm their identity in terms of a reality that is anti-black — “blackness” stands for all victims of white oppression. “White theology,” when formed in isolation from the black experience, becomes a theology of white oppressors, serving as divine sanction from criminal acts committed against blacks. Cone argues that even those white theologians who try to connect theology to black suffering rarely utter a word that is relevant to the black experience in America. White theology is not Christian theology at all. There is but one guiding principle of black theology: an unqualified commitment to the black community as that community seeks to define its existence in the light of God’s liberating work in the world.
Black Theology

Liberation theology as it has expressed itself in the African-American community seeks to find a way to make the gospel relevant to black people who must struggle daily under the burden of white oppression. The question that confronts these black theologians is not one that is easily answered. “What if anything does the Christian gospel have to say to powerless black men,” to use James Cone’s words, whose existence is “threatened on a daily basis by the insidious tentacles of white power?” If the gospel has nothing to say to people as they confront the daily realities of life, it is a lifeless message. If Christianity is not real for blacks, then they will reject it.

There are many reasons why Christianity has not been real for blacks. To begin with, white Christianity emphasizes individualism, and divides the world into separate realms of the sacred and secular, public and private. Such a view of the world is alien to African-American spirituality. The Christianity that was communicated to blacks had as its primary focus life in world to come. This was at odds with traditional African spirituality which was focused on life in the present world. And if that were not enough, Christianity is hopelessly associated with slavery and segregation in the minds of many African-Americans.

More importantly, there are reasons to believe that many African-Americans are beginning to reject Christianity. The growing presence of Islam in the African-American community is nurtured by a variety of forces, but one of its principle sources of strength is the sense within many blacks of a tremendous gap that exists between what takes place in the Church on Sunday, and how church people live the rest of the week. Many of the new converts to Islam were Christian, but they testify to seeing little coherence between the worship of the church, and the rough and tumble world of the streets the rest of the week.

Black Liberation Theology is not Christian and violates the fundamental Transcendental values of all faiths in the so called Pan Abrahamic family of faiths. And while the Mormon church does have some issues in qualifying as Christian (I say they aren’t, but its a debatable subject). Their is no honest debate that Black Liberation Theology is not Christian. And Obama demonstrates that Black Liberation Theology influences his politics.

The refusal to look at this shows why Huckafraud is a bad Christian and a bad political figure

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