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Are you a wizard?

I have had a moment of spiritual quandary that has met on the crossroads with political and social quandaries of others. And I have a question at the crossroads: are you a wizard? If not you should be. But let’s … Continue reading

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Senator Bernard Announces His Run for the Presidency I

While I am Pro-Fred at the momment that can Change and I decided I wanted to do a good series of Posts on the State of The Presidential Race today So without further adieu Literary Device HO!

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Mike Gravel… freaking weirdo and this one However we have some one who can explain this strategy for us

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World War II may finally end

Pooty Pooty may decide to end the conflict with Japan resulting from the end of the WWII “Let us promote discussions to resolve the territorial issue rather than putting it off for later,” Abe told Putin, according to Japanese government … Continue reading

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War on Manlyness Continues

(H/T Hot Air) As some one with some weird moments and issues with Gender take my responses here very tongue and cheek Playing with dolls is good for young guys, says toymaker Ummm Dood…. We call them Action Figures here … Continue reading

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Sarasota news thats kinda crazy scary

This is weird for me because it happened down the road from where I lived/Where my mom lives Disgruntled employee shoots co-worker at Sarasota doctor’s office The Associated Press SARASOTA, Fla. – A disgruntled employee shot a co-worker at a … Continue reading

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Making fun of Hitler and PS3 I am so there

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