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Are you a wizard?

I have had a moment of spiritual quandary that has met on the crossroads with political and social quandaries of others. And I have a question at the crossroads: are you a wizard? If not you should be. But let’s … Continue reading

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Governor Carson Episode IV

Governor Carson met with right to life leaders in Sioux City Iowa We have a lot of extremes in this race. One guy you are familiar with in Iowa, Governor Huckabee, has a lot of good ideas on family issues. … Continue reading

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The Huckafraud Beclowns himself

While Mitch Daniels had a morally embarrassing interview where he displayed the cowardice and back tracking his “Inoffensive” campaign meme has been known by the Huckafraud (A.K.A Mike Huckabee) decided in an interview with Christianity today to show why he … Continue reading

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I am not sure you understnd what those words mean

The Episcopal Church has decided to once again lose its darned mind with the first Muslim/Christian Priest (H/T jointly to The Corner and Ace) Shortly after noon on Fridays, the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding ties on a black headscarf, preparing … Continue reading

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Star Wars Geekery Meets Political Geekery II: Larry for want of a better topic

Yeah I decided to go into Bryan a bit more after skimming the morning cut of my blog stuff and not finding something I really like. Someone specifically called me out on the fact that I couldn’t let my son … Continue reading

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Poor Poor Bastard

On the one hand what I am about to write I get to kick some one on the HuffinPuff Post for his liking of the Prequal Series (and George Lucas Fanboyism) but on the other Hand Fark and IMDB both … Continue reading

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The Department of Crazy things some religions Believe: Islam Edition

Every Religion has some nutty elements that they try to paste over with sweet Sweet Caramel or some soft candy inside stuff. But the nuts come out from time to time. So I present to you some of the nuttier … Continue reading

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