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The Donald and what he means for the GOP

The current Blogging Zeitgeist among the paid political web class and other wannabes (such as myself) to pontificate and ponder on the nature of THE DONALD in his attempt to fire Obama. While working I had some thoughts on this … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars Part I of ???

Some times you need to go with Melodrama when it fits the mood of the events you are talking about. So this post is going to be about taking a very high up analysis of the current situation we are … Continue reading

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This article Scares me

Because I could totally see it going down like this. If there is a coup in Turkey, the world would encounter a phenomenon it has never seen before. Subsequent to a coup, Turkey would seek a partnership with Russia and … Continue reading

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More Fred Thompson Crush Stuff

(H/t to hot air) Icing on the cake…. Anne Coulter is contrary on him

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MTV tries to ruin humanity, ends up doing good

Better luck next time MTV (H/T to Fark) Angry investors find elusive oilman on MTV Suit here follows ‘Sweet 16’ show By KRISTIN M. HALL Associated Press CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. — Not long after entrusting millions of dollars to a former … Continue reading

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More Democratic Electoral Doom

Oil Speculators are going to soak it to the democrats by leading to low oil prices Oil traders bet that such worrisome developments would drive up the future price of oil. Oil is traded in contracts for future delivery, and … Continue reading

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