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Wars and Rumors of Wars Part I of ???

Some times you need to go with Melodrama when it fits the mood of the events you are talking about. So this post is going to be about taking a very high up analysis of the current situation we are … Continue reading

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Senator Bernard Announces His Run for the Presidency I

While I am Pro-Fred at the momment that can Change and I decided I wanted to do a good series of Posts on the State of The Presidential Race today So without further adieu Literary Device HO!

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This article Scares me

Because I could totally see it going down like this. If there is a coup in Turkey, the world would encounter a phenomenon it has never seen before. Subsequent to a coup, Turkey would seek a partnership with Russia and … Continue reading

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Shamnesty Schadenfreuda

First The Results of a Survey (H/t Mickey Kaus) These are ratings amongst Hispanic Republicans in California McCain 22% 17% Romney 5% 5% Fred Thompson 5% 24% Fred Thompson comes out against the Bill (but is at least remotely sympathetic … Continue reading

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Ok this has Cajones

Seems the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran has found a way to get good media coverage fir his side of the case … “Let in the tourists“ TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s hard-line president has ordered nuclear facilities opened … Continue reading

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5 years later……

This is the third time I have started this post over from scratch, though while this time occurred because of technical difficulties I think this was for the best as on my way to school the barrage of stuff hit … Continue reading

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Base III, Establishment… less then III

Looks like the Immigration Bill is D.O.A till after the election WASHINGTON, Sept. 4 — As they prepare for a critical pre-election legislative stretch, Congressional Republican leaders have all but abandoned a broad overhaul of immigration laws and instead will … Continue reading

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