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Governor Carson Episode III

Governor Carson made his first trip to Iowa in the run up to his exploring a presidential run. He made the following comments at a Waterloo Iowa event. The administration has made comments about the difficulty of setting up a … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars II of X: Demographics Matter

I would like to lead off with some material from the Council on Foreign Relations How significant has the role of demographics been in the protests across the Middle East? Demographics have played an important role, not because they are … Continue reading

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Obama’s “Speech” on Libya

Truly never has so little been said and media attention given to the words of a President. They are going to meet to figure out what to do on Libya? Really? Italy has some immigration issues coming from Tunisia and … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars Part I of ???

Some times you need to go with Melodrama when it fits the mood of the events you are talking about. So this post is going to be about taking a very high up analysis of the current situation we are … Continue reading

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This article Scares me

Because I could totally see it going down like this. If there is a coup in Turkey, the world would encounter a phenomenon it has never seen before. Subsequent to a coup, Turkey would seek a partnership with Russia and … Continue reading

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I am not sure you understnd what those words mean

The Episcopal Church has decided to once again lose its darned mind with the first Muslim/Christian Priest (H/T jointly to The Corner and Ace) Shortly after noon on Fridays, the Rev. Ann Holmes Redding ties on a black headscarf, preparing … Continue reading

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I can’t say this better then Instapundit

So here is how he wrote this word for word HOW FITTING: “Looters raid Arafat’s home, steal his Nobel Peace Prize.” This is what Arafat — and the Oslo Accords — wrought. Indeed

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