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The American Ninja Way

With a headline inspired by Naruto you know I am goofy in the head. So I am going to post addled from Sleep, addled from work… and pumped up with B Vitamin. Bryan from This Divided State and Huffington Post … Continue reading

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Senator Bernard Announces His Run for the Presidency I

While I am Pro-Fred at the momment that can Change and I decided I wanted to do a good series of Posts on the State of The Presidential Race today So without further adieu Literary Device HO!

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Poor Poor Bastard

On the one hand what I am about to write I get to kick some one on the HuffinPuff Post for his liking of the Prequal Series (and George Lucas Fanboyism) but on the other Hand Fark and IMDB both … Continue reading

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Chinesse Solve Wang Problem

China Decides to Solve its problem with having to much Wang n a country of around 1.3 billion people, about 85 percent share only 100 surnames, according to a nationwide survey conducted by the Ministry of Public Security in April … Continue reading

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Am I a male Lesbian?

Well Ace had this link ( which goes to Agent Bedhead) and while I am in my flesh and blood a man their is a woman-ness inside and well… :-p definately more appealing to the Lesbian top 100 List then … Continue reading

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Making fun of Hitler and PS3 I am so there

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New Nicknames for Presidential Canidates

McCain Gots one, Fred Gots One (which I am not wild on yet), Hillary gots one, Kerry (if he changes his mind) gots one, Cindy Sheehan (if she ran… which would be AWESOME) has one. But I want to announce … Continue reading

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