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The Donald and what he means for the GOP

The current Blogging Zeitgeist among the paid political web class and other wannabes (such as myself) to pontificate and ponder on the nature of THE DONALD in his attempt to fire Obama. While working I had some thoughts on this … Continue reading

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Governor Carson Episode IV

Governor Carson met with right to life leaders in Sioux City Iowa We have a lot of extremes in this race. One guy you are familiar with in Iowa, Governor Huckabee, has a lot of good ideas on family issues. … Continue reading

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Governor Carson Episode II

In a meeting with Christian Coalition leaders in Jefferson state Governor Carson commented on recent comments by Governor Huckabee and President Obama. Governor Huckabee made some unfortunate comments about where the President grew up. And President Obama in a new … Continue reading

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The Huckafraud Beclowns himself

While Mitch Daniels had a morally embarrassing interview where he displayed the cowardice and back tracking his “Inoffensive” campaign meme has been known by the Huckafraud (A.K.A Mike Huckabee) decided in an interview with Christianity today to show why he … Continue reading

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The 2012 Presidential Pool

This is my running list of Candidates: They will be sorted as Follows Would vote for, Might vote for, wont vote for, and not running anymore Of those not running Bolded are ones I might or would vote for These … Continue reading

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