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Governor Carson Episode IV

Governor Carson met with right to life leaders in Sioux City Iowa We have a lot of extremes in this race. One guy you are familiar with in Iowa, Governor Huckabee, has a lot of good ideas on family issues. … Continue reading

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The American Ninja Way

With a headline inspired by Naruto you know I am goofy in the head. So I am going to post addled from Sleep, addled from work… and pumped up with B Vitamin. Bryan from This Divided State and Huffington Post … Continue reading

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Star Wars Geekery Meets Political Geekery II: Larry for want of a better topic

Yeah I decided to go into Bryan a bit more after skimming the morning cut of my blog stuff and not finding something I really like. Someone specifically called me out on the fact that I couldn’t let my son … Continue reading

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Poor Poor Bastard

On the one hand what I am about to write I get to kick some one on the HuffinPuff Post for his liking of the Prequal Series (and George Lucas Fanboyism) but on the other Hand Fark and IMDB both … Continue reading

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Am I a male Lesbian?

Well Ace had this link ( which goes to Agent Bedhead) and while I am in my flesh and blood a man their is a woman-ness inside and well… :-p definately more appealing to the Lesbian top 100 List then … Continue reading

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From the “I did not know that file”

I am going to need to re-read 451 now (and this ads more cool points for Ray) He says the culprit in Fahrenheit 451 is not the state — it is the people. Unlike Orwell’s 1984, in which the government … Continue reading

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Sharon Stone continues her Parade of good motherhood

By leaving her child in a car alone Yes the kid was being cared for by the Chaufer but#1) She was doing it while she was having dinner with some dudeand #2 from the article One photographer says, “I was … Continue reading

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