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Governor Carson Episode IV

Governor Carson met with right to life leaders in Sioux City Iowa We have a lot of extremes in this race. One guy you are familiar with in Iowa, Governor Huckabee, has a lot of good ideas on family issues. … Continue reading

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Governor Carson Considering a run for the White House

In a meeting with Wyandota County Tea Party Activists held by the Wyandota County Republican Party Governor Carson spoke about the possibility of running for President. Why not me, well I guess it all depends on what you are looking … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars II of X: Demographics Matter

I would like to lead off with some material from the Council on Foreign Relations How significant has the role of demographics been in the protests across the Middle East? Demographics have played an important role, not because they are … Continue reading

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Why I am Not voting for John McCain Part I:

Why I am Not voting for John McCain Part I: Why I am Not voting for John McCain: Part I: By Larry Bernard I am first going to put a caveat out there I like to call the John Kerry-Katherine … Continue reading

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The American Ninja Way

With a headline inspired by Naruto you know I am goofy in the head. So I am going to post addled from Sleep, addled from work… and pumped up with B Vitamin. Bryan from This Divided State and Huffington Post … Continue reading

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Now back with less sleep disturbance…..

I feel good enough to get into the meat of some stuff..

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Star Wars Geekery Meets Political Geekery II: Larry for want of a better topic

Yeah I decided to go into Bryan a bit more after skimming the morning cut of my blog stuff and not finding something I really like. Someone specifically called me out on the fact that I couldn’t let my son … Continue reading

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