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Are you a wizard?

I have had a moment of spiritual quandary that has met on the crossroads with political and social quandaries of others. And I have a question at the crossroads: are you a wizard? If not you should be. But let’s … Continue reading

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Hey Welcome Illebral masses ;-)

In the world of Blogs some times you need to drop a glove and challenge some one. I have done that a few times but Bryan over at This Divided Stated decided to share my thoughts on his world view … Continue reading

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Poor Poor Bastard

On the one hand what I am about to write I get to kick some one on the HuffinPuff Post for his liking of the Prequal Series (and George Lucas Fanboyism) but on the other Hand Fark and IMDB both … Continue reading

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Am I a male Lesbian?

Well Ace had this link ( which goes to Agent Bedhead) and while I am in my flesh and blood a man their is a woman-ness inside and well… :-p definately more appealing to the Lesbian top 100 List then … Continue reading

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Tired of me making fun of Immigration bill and McCain.. have some Paris

More on Paris being to crazy for jail (or rashy) Attorneys differed on whether her treatment was unusual. “She would have gotten out early if she was plain Jane,” said Leonard Levine, who has handled numerous probation violation cases. He … Continue reading

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Making fun of Hitler and PS3 I am so there

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I am going to answer John McCain’s Challenge:

John McCain has issued a Challenge McCain seemed downright testy in his charm offensive with New Hampshire voters (this from CNN footage). When voter after voter told him they didn’t like the immigration bill, he shot back — I’m not … Continue reading

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