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The Donald and what he means for the GOP

The current Blogging Zeitgeist among the paid political web class and other wannabes (such as myself) to pontificate and ponder on the nature of THE DONALD in his attempt to fire Obama. While working I had some thoughts on this … Continue reading

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World War II may finally end

Pooty Pooty may decide to end the conflict with Japan resulting from the end of the WWII “Let us promote discussions to resolve the territorial issue rather than putting it off for later,” Abe told Putin, according to Japanese government … Continue reading

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China Issues

What I like and something I have seen since getting deeper into my academic discipline is finding things I’ve known for some time are apparently things really smart folks buy into. China and a lot of Chinaphiles have tried to … Continue reading

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So Long Blogger, and thanks for all the fish

Well Folks I am hoping some of you coming here to read this have been fans of my prior blogger site. For those of you who are and Are Not let me say a little bit about who and what … Continue reading

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