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Obama’s “Speech” on Libya

Truly never has so little been said and media attention given to the words of a President. They are going to meet to figure out what to do on Libya? Really? Italy has some immigration issues coming from Tunisia and … Continue reading

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Why I am Not voting for John McCain Part I:

Why I am Not voting for John McCain Part I: Why I am Not voting for John McCain: Part I: By Larry Bernard I am first going to put a caveat out there I like to call the John Kerry-Katherine … Continue reading

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I can’t say this better then Instapundit

So here is how he wrote this word for word HOW FITTING: “Looters raid Arafat’s home, steal his Nobel Peace Prize.” This is what Arafat — and the Oslo Accords — wrought. Indeed

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Stuff like this is why I love Instapundit

I tell people a lot of the security we see on the War on Terror is supposed to make us feel safer, not be Safer. Instapundit gives me another line to that argument today However, a recent report by the … Continue reading

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Anne Heche has decided to be a Lesbian Again

I saw some interview where she said she was a lesbian but was really sexually attracted to her husband and wanted to spawn him out tons of babies. Well she is apparently going back to Team Lesbian… So I say … Continue reading

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Am I a male Lesbian?

Well Ace had this link ( which goes to Agent Bedhead) and while I am in my flesh and blood a man their is a woman-ness inside and well… :-p definately more appealing to the Lesbian top 100 List then … Continue reading

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Buisness… Not so Capitalist/Free Market

I have a great post in the pipeline about why Lesbians are better then the editors of Maxim but first Fun with people in business who don’t understand what the free market-capitalist system really is At an investment forum in … Continue reading

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