Governor Carson Episode Exodus 32:19

In the Republican Party we have a commandment we hold up as a golden rule. A sacred edict issued by a great man and leader of our party Ronald Reagan. I am reminded of the moment in the bible where Moses breaks the Ten Commandments. The Israelite people had made a graven image and made a serious sin against god. God was going to smite the people and start over. But Moses broke the ten commandments and punished those who rebelled. When the rebellion and its bloody work was done God was able to pass to moses the law of god and the Israelite people in the desert were able to earn their way into the promised land. So with this thought in mind I wish to break the 11th Commandment. Ronald Reagan was a great Republican and great President, but we have a bloody business that if we don’t do it will put our country on a real wrath of god.

We have in this primary campaign two men who in their political careers embraced the idea that we can take an idea off the table to keep the democrats from having an issue. “We are going to be forced to do something about global warming with a carbon tax, so lets put a capitalist face on it.” Governor Pawlenty was wrong. During the years of President George W Bush the United States reduced its carbon output more then those nations that bent knee to the alter of a carbon tax. There is a real line of reasoning that points to the rebellion in Egypt being connected to their ideas of how to enforce the carbon tax. We now face a threat against our ally Israel and the turmoil in the greater middle east. The solution to make people consume less energy when the technology isn’t ready has caused poverty and real problems in this world. In Governor Pawlenty’s , and I mean no disrespect, lazy desire to beat down team Democrat we see a destructive idea brought to the shores of America that could do serious damage to out country. I know many people who know Governor Pawlenty and speak to the fact he has real principles and dedication but his actions as a politician don’t show it.

We have Governor Romney who has done much the same thing. Taking the issue of health care reform away from the Democrats. And what are the results in Massachusetts? Exploding costs, health insurance companies closing up shop, people having to see doctors with dozens of other people, and the same bad idea now going national. The idea of forcing every American to buy health insurance was about “controlling costs” but it fundamentally alters the relationship between the government and the governed. And in Massachusetts it has promoted rampant dishonesty. People buying health insurance at the last moment and putting the huge cost on the state. Instead of reforming the massive distortions in the health care system caused by issues of education, division of labor, and government distortion policies Governor Romney chose a quick fix to take an issue away from the Democrats. And I do not know Governor Romney but I pray to god he is a better man then his actions show.

We have Herman Cain, a man who shouldn’t be running for President based on the quality of the Pizza his company produces. He says “So what” if the Government owns the bank if the ends justify the means. When the government owns the banks the Government decides who gets loans and who doesn’t. And when that policy was set up what happened? Millions of Americans came to own homes they couldn’t afford. Many more bought homes they couldn’t afford out of greed. And those actions brought the American economy to crash in the ditch. I don’t know Herman Cain but these policy beliefs are the very beliefs that have brought our economy to ruin.

We have Donald Trump, a man I don’t know and I don’t feel I want to know, who has taken destructive ideas and kicked them up a notch. He has as a businessman played with bankruptcy laws and used the state to steal property from people for his own benefit. He has used lawsuits for self aggrandizement and threatening his enemies. His solutions as a Candidate? Threaten China with the same kind of destructive tariff’s that lead to the great depression. Threaten Opec and ignore the issues internal to the US and its government policies that drive up oil prices. Ignore the destructive policies of the federal reserve and our reckless spending on our economy. Donald Trump teaches that our problems are some one elses fault and we can get them. This man only became a Republican because of the weakness of the likes of Romney, Pawlenty, and Cain and their weaknesses ability to feed his ego. We must not allow such a shallow and arrogant man to govern out country.

Governor Daniels, a man I do not know, has one sin that is different then the sins of these other men. Mitch Daniels is immoderately moderate. In his moderation Governor Daniels won’t speak up. To Governor Daniels calling out the destructive policy choices. To Governor Daniels a weak and quiet temperament should be the response to these destructive polices. If you will not stand up for radically changing the relationship between the government and the governed, then who needs you as a leader of this party or this nation. If you will not call out the destructive policies of raising energy prices and bankrupting the American people, then how can the American people ever trust you to stand up for them.

Ron Paul stands up and decrys pork barrel spending. Ron Paul votes against pork barrel spending. But Ron Paul makes sure pork barrel spending is set aside for his district. This failing in Ron Paul is not the only failing we see in his role as a public servant. He places his words as some sort of counter culture spokesman and provides them free of charge. So the words of Ron Paul are preached by NeoNazis and all manner of people in the Parinoid Political spectrum. Ron Paul does not take a stand against such politics and lets anyone use his words to promote the legitimacy of their own ideas. He monetizes his campaign for cronies and family members. A cast of former Ron Paul supporters put out odious ideas of the American Confederacy as some sort of Libertarian Paradise. To Ron Paul none if this raises a remark. Ron Paul says we should treat North Korea the same way we treat Australia. To put it kindly Congressman Paul lives in a distorted and alternate reality. And his being allowed Presidential power would be destructive to America.

Governor Huntsman and Newt Gingrich share much of the same sin that plagued Governor Romney, Pawlenty, and Herman Cain. But they take those sins and flaws to another level. Newt Gingrich always wants to be the point of the spear of the smartest republican ideas. So much as he showed a lack of fidelity to his wife in her hospital bed, so he shows a lack of fidelity to his principles and the principles we need to govern America. Governor Huntsman unlike Romney and Pawlenty seems even less grounded in Principles and seems to believe some of the same bad ideas they follow will work out if he is the one who commits to them. These men are both so stuck in themselves and keeping themselves at the front of the political order will say and believe anything or nothing as it advances themselves.

Senator Santorum is a man who advocates many ideas that are worthy of part of the debate but to convince the American people you must bring them to you. You must talk to them about the issues of concern in terms they would understand. The problem with politicians is they seem unwilling to lead, and the worst of Rick Santorum’s flaws is he seems content to preach to the converted.

Lastly I want to speak of Governor Johnson. Governor Johnson has a crusade, a noble crusade , that he is campaigning on. His ideas have merit and we need to address many of those ideas. But this country will not be saved by legal weed, even if we cannot afford the scope of the legal system that makes it illegal. But he will die on that hill, and that will cost us fighting the issues that matter to this country.

So can we tell the people in Iowa that we have to end Ethanol with this caliber of leadership? Can we do a strong and radical transformation unlike any politically put forward by either party to date in issues like Health Care, Education, or Energy? Can we deal with these men with changing the system of Alliances of the United States that have been ruined by President Obama and strained by President Bush? I am reminded of an old biblical story “you have been weighed, and found wanting.”

And that is why I entered this race. Because some one needs to have the courage to take a stand for what was right. Thats the President this country needs, and thats the President this country deserves.

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