The Donald and what he means for the GOP

The current Blogging Zeitgeist among the paid political web class and other wannabes (such as myself) to pontificate and ponder on the nature of THE DONALD in his attempt to fire Obama.

While working I had some thoughts on this and I wanted to comment on it.

#1) Passion

What does Donald have that most of the major other candidates don’t? He speaks with a passion. A passion to put the country right that has been put very wrong. And put very wrong by the Obama-Pelosi-Reid (and also George W Bush) legion. You know who else speaks with that passion in the field? Palin (who is more and more looking like a non candidate), Bachmann, and RONPAUL. Who has tried to fake this passion (and failed). Our good friends here Mittens Romney and the Huckafraud. Also trying to fake it is T-Paw but no one is paying attention to him. Donald has it and he comes to this passion as naturally as any salesman comes to it. (which may mean not at all.) But he at least SEEMS passionate.

#2) America the Beta
I was reading “Who Are We” by Samuel P. Huntington and something he wrote on appeals to this issue. (pgs 314 and 315)

In 1997, for instance, in a national survey of whites, 15 percent estimated that blacks were more than 40 percent of Americans, 20 percent estimated that blacks were between 31 and 40 percent , 25 percent said between 21 and 30 percent. sixty percent of whites thus saw blacks as more then 20 percent of the American people…..A majority of White Americans also see themselves as relatively poorer and blacks as relatively richer than is the case. As sociologist Professor Charles Gallagher of Georgia State University explains:”like it or not, middle-class and lower middle class whites see themselves as a minority and have adopted a posture of being victims.”

The News is clear to most Americans: We are in Second place to China. The reality is very nuanced and very different. The News is clear to most Americans: We are being mocked and laughed at by the countries around the world. The reality is very nuanced on that issue. America doesn’t make anything anymore, and all our companies are owned by foreigners. The truth is something else entirely

To these people Donald Trump is saying “I will make the United States of America an Alpha again.” This appeals to many voters. Now while Romney is speaking to these issues some (as are T-Paw, The Mustache, and other candidates) Trump is channeling this pain and is offering a simple (some would say simplistic) answer to that problem.

#3) America wants an nontraditional candidates.

Obama was a very unorthodox Presidential candidate. People have become very tired with the outcomes of orthodox politicians. Our problems with taxes, spending, debts, and deficits are born in large part because of the lack of imagination of the political class. Of the unorthodox candidates out there: Ronpaul ,John Bolton, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin (who isn’t going to be running), And Herman Cain. Of those Candidates AS OF TODAY only Trump has a realistic shot of winning the prize (and his chance at winning is only marginally realistic)

#4) This Sauce is weak

As I have said before the candidates out there are bland, dull, boring, uninteresting, and don’t speak to what the Republicans are interested in from their Candidates. While The Donald may not be a good candidate right now he at least seems to have more going on then the other Candidates and the voters can window shop with him.

#5)Trump is a Businessman

Despite such Business Presidents as George W Bush and Herbert Hoover the American voters on the Center Right seem to think a business oriented President is what we need. In the Developing world , the former soviet sphere, and Italy we have also seen how bad business candidates can be. But the American voters think “this time it will be different.”


The News and policymaker responses to China are part of what I will call “Alternative Reality Based Community.” People view the rise of China as a threat, much as they did the rise of Japan, and Donald Trump speaks to this belief that has broad support on both sides of the aisle. Trump says “I will be tough with China.” We don’t need a President who will be tough with China but we need a President who will embrace reality with China. And we need a President who will communicate reality to the American People.

#7)Oil prices

man Oil prices sure suck don’t they. We have been taught by our “Leaders” two people are to blame. The EBIL oil companies and the EBIL arabs in Opec. The reality is something very different. The Power of Opec has been slipping since the 1980s when they helped us win the cold war (no one told you about that? Yeah Opec helped us win the cold war). But many people still nurse hurts from the 70s oil crisis. And many others view the EBIL arab oil money and the war on terror as a hand in glove issue. Trump says he will be tough with Opec and break their back and Fix oil prices. The path to lower oil prices is not through OPEC. Its through Oil Drilling in the US, its through the fact the growth in China and India (which is factored in to the pricing) may falter. Its through the fact Japan (a major consumer of oil) is in ruins.

So this is my take on why The Donald is being viewed seriously at this stage by a lot of Republicans. At this point in time other candidates (Mittens, T-Paw, Daniels, Barbour, Huckafraud, etc) can steal these ideas and make them their own. BTW guys… I am also totally available to provide these ideas for pay. Call me

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