Governor Carson Episode IV

Governor Carson met with right to life leaders in Sioux City Iowa

We have a lot of extremes in this race. One guy you are familiar with in Iowa, Governor Huckabee, has a lot of good ideas on family issues. But he then goes out and makes embarrassing comments about a new Academy Award winner choosing to have a child out of Wedlock. You have Governor Romney, who I will expect you are going to hear a lot of this time around, who came to jesus as it were when he decided he was going to run for President. And we have at the other end of the spectrum Governor Daniels, who may be looking for an easy excuse not to run, who speaks to our lack of need to say or do anything at all. And his truce I wish to speak the most of.

He proposed a truce to fight the new “red menace” of our time. He proposed this truce so we could bring people of good will together to solve our fiscal train wreck. Governor Daniels Truce is supposed to turn the dial back to 2008 and not advance the ball further on any issues vital to people who center their values on their faith. He evoked the spirit of unity that we had in the cold war. A spirit of unity in the face of communism. While this unity in the face of communism is more a matter of historical mythology, it also fails to make rudimentary sense.

If you believe that a lack of federal fetal stem cell research, research that costs the federal government an insignificant cost, saves human lives why should you let it die on the vine for a truce. If you believe that killing the unborn is a genocide, why wouldn’t you stand up. If you believe denying homosexuals the right to marry makes them second class citizens why wouldn’t you stand up and fight. Because why his analogy fails in a unity over communism divisive social change occurred during the cold war with parties and politicians picking sides.

The notion that the fight to stop communism should mean that African American people would sit on the back of the Bus today sounds absurd to you. That very much is the type of thinking Governor Daniels is proposing. If we as a party choose to live by bread alone, why would anyone choose to stand up for us? We need to be realistic about what issues and what bills are most vital for the public good but ending the national debt isn’t worth the cost of our soul as a nation.

But on the converse when people shoot the low hanging fruit of an Academy Award winner who is choosing to have a child out of wedlock no one is going to take us seriously. Especially when that woman is choosing to have the child out of wed lock with her fiancee. And here we see the other end of the same deficiency in leadership that Governor Daniels issues in his truce: A lack of judgment and sense. Their will be moral issues like tragedies and triumphs that the American people seek the leadership of their President in. The President must be mindful of his special leadership and special place in this world. It is a President’s most special treasure. If men feel their should be no judgment and we should take social to either extreme its no wonder most people want no part of that in their politics.

We will have to fight for moral issues in our Foreign Policy and Fiscal Policy, and as we do we will have to earn back the trust of people on these other issues. But we do not give up our belief in what is right and never sell our soul on the alter of political expediency and power.

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