Governor Carson Episode III

Governor Carson made his first trip to Iowa in the run up to his exploring a presidential run. He made the following comments at a Waterloo Iowa event.

The administration has made comments about the difficulty of setting up a No Fly Zone. But I think a lot of the commentary on the issue is driven as a policy from the mind of the “prisoner of the moment.” The Prisoner of the Moment seems to be what drives this administration and its foreign policy. When the uprising broke out in Tunisia it was probably logical for the government to take no action. When it moved to Egypt the President should have said “I want you to look at every Middle East regime and develop a range of military solutions to solve those problems that might come up.” When it moved into Yemen we should have moved a carrier into the Mediterranean to be prepared to handle the problem. Once we did that we could have then went to our Nato allies and said “your having a refugee problem from this instability maybe we need to move naval resources into the med.” By the time the dominos fell to Libya we would have had resources in the Med and when we said to Gaddhafi “Hey stop killing your own people” our words would have been backed by military resources.

Instead we have a President who has only just now taken those steps. Because the “Obama Doctrine” is one thats driven by reacting to events. The United States of America is seen as a leader in the world and leaders are not reactionaries. Leaders fight to redirect events and help their own people deal with these events. We now have to wonder how much bigger this tide in the Islamic world will get before the United States Government has the ability to get a handle on it.

Now we have to ask “should we set up a no fly zone in Libya.” Those rebelling against Qaddafi have asked us to. This is leading to a refugee crisis in the South of Europe as well as Tunisia and Egypt who are both less stable and less able to deal with such a crisis. If we do nothing we risk losing any gains we have and any ability to influence positive change in Egypt of Tunisia. We risk losing the ability to have the International order speak credibly on issues of Human Rights. So it is right for us to act, but as I said this to Europe is more then just an academic exercise. France, Italy, and Spain will all have to deal with consequences if this goes bad. So the President needs to go to our Allies and calling on them to step up. We have asked for them to step up in Afghanistan and they largely have not. But here we are in their back yard. If not now, when? If not here, where? And if Europe answers “no” to both of these questions we need to ask some tougher and deeper questions about our Military and Foreign policy.

If Europe will step up to the best of their ability, and if the rebels wish us to be there we should set up a No Fly Zone. But we should have been ready to act before this problem occurred. And we should have stood out as a consequence to maybe have averted the tragedy

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