Governor Carson Episode II

In a meeting with Christian Coalition leaders in Jefferson state Governor Carson commented on recent comments by Governor Huckabee and President Obama.

Governor Huckabee made some unfortunate comments about where the President grew up. And President Obama in a new book is alleged to have said something just as unfortunate about the tea party. We see two sides of the same coin in why our political system is so troubled. Some one even wrote a book about it.

Governor Huckabee if we take him at his word, and for the moment I think that’s fair to do he is presenting the popular belief the President don’t share the common American experiences or the common view about America. And its true his experiences are different then 60-80% of the American people. But their is this other part of the American experience. People on the outside of the mainstream live and have a different experience. But more often then not that item of difference is just at the outside of their own life experiences. Had President Obama ran a campaign based on who he was, and what he stood for this difference might have gone unnoticed. If the President didn’t run on “Hope and Change” with which you could fill in any of your aspirations it might have gone different. But we now have a President who seems to have been created whole cloth out of central casting and no one knows how he came to office. This shock and cognitive disobedience leads to people saying he was born in another country or is influenced by some sort of kenyan-marxist voodo. The truth is their are people all over this country who think and believe these unusual thoughts about America and its place in the world as the President, you can find them on Universities all over the country. But these ideas are not part of the mainstream and are not part of the longer traditions of Americanism so we should have an honest discussion about that.

And President Obama’s unfortunate statement, if it is true, is from the outside looking in. It refuses to believe that people can come to disagreement out of honesty. So the disagreement must be centered on the fact he is a black man. This perspective shows both a personal narcissism in the President that the animus must be driven on him personally and not his ideas, but it also presumes a moral failing in those that disagree. Which brings us back to Governor Huckabee’s misstatement. One that says the failings of President Obama, a person who is still rather well liked, comes from his having an alien temperament and belief system.

Is this the sort of discourse we need to move our country forward? People can believe the wrong things, they can even believe the wrong things for the wrong reasons, but they are still part of the Grand American Experiment

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