Governor Carson Considering a run for the White House

In a meeting with Wyandota County Tea Party Activists held by the Wyandota County Republican Party Governor Carson spoke about the possibility of running for President.

Why not me, well I guess it all depends on what you are looking for in a Presidential Candidate. We had a senator Senator campaign to fundamentally transform America who when he became President instead of being a transformative leader has become a specter haunting out nation. Instead of a leader we have a President who outsources his leadership and responsibilities to congress. If that’s the standard by which we judge some one as fit to be President then I am grossly overqualified. But if you think the American people deserve better, then maybe I should run for President.

The three candidates we have furthest down the line in the Republican Primary came of political maturity during the 1990s. Those others in the pipe line also haven’t had new ideas sine the 1990s either in the lot of them. This is not that we had bad ideas in the 1990s as the Republican party, But its time that we need ideas and leadership to face the challenges we have today. Some of the Republican solutions to ideas of Global Warming Immigration Reform, and Health Care Reform that were crafted for political ends need to be abandoned. We need to have Republican ideas for the common good on those issues. We need not just come up with ways to try to engineer a permanent Republican Majority, we need to make our party be worthy of that majority.

We have two Marquee candidates who can and have said anything to get elected. They changed their point of view as elections came on their to do list. I pray when they came to choices where they agree with me they did it honestly, and I pray when they came to choices I disagree with they were just in error. But with the challenges we face as a country these men do not have the spine to make the choices we need and they have much work to do in proving they will do what we need done. The third marquee candidate is some one I deeply respect and who has the iron in her spine that others lack, seems manifestly unwilling to do what needs to be done to ride on the white horse as General Washington did.

We need a President who can reform the US Tax code. Even if that means we do a way with a lot of tax cuts that reward good behavior. We need to maximize the benefits to the tax payer in lower rates. We need to do the same thing with corporate tax rates. We need to make reforms to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the Federal pension system, and the Federal Health Insurance system. We need to make cuts and savings so the governments spending is sustainable. And we need to do this at the same time while being stimulative and productive in encouraging our economy to grow. We need to streamline and reduce regulations. This is one of the great challenges we face. And we need a President who will lead the American people to these reforms.

We face these economic challenge at times when the United States faces the most fundamental foreign policy challenges it may have ever faced. We face a rise of Narco terrorism in Mexico which threatens our neighbor to the south. If we see even half the violence in Mexico that Colombia faced it will radically change the United States as that violence inevitably comes to our shores. We watch the collapse and transformation of regimes across the middle east and instability caused by the weakness of the global economy. And while we face economic troubles and those matters will be seriously damaging to us, but if we do not deal with the wolf at our door none of that will matter.

As John McCain said the “Fundamentals of our economy are strong ” but as the wounds to our economy became more prolonged we began to see their are problems in our fundamentals. The system of college education has become a expensive ticket into high end jobs. And it has increasingly become an expensive ticket into low and medium end jobs. We have ignored energy and other infrastructural needs for decades, and the pains of that short sightedness we see today. We must change the role of college and other fundamental social, political and economic institutions to help America recover and resume its greatness on the world and historical stage.

And any candidate for President who is unwilling or is not driven to restore American greatness is not fit for the American people. So I think I could be a good candidate for President but right now I am working on being Governor of this state. But I am thinking about it.

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