The 2012 Presidential Pool

This is my running list of Candidates:

They will be sorted as Follows
Would vote for, Might vote for, wont vote for, and not running anymore

Of those not running Bolded are ones I might or would vote for

These decelerations apply to the primary only (and subject to change)

These Candidates come from the Wikipedia list

    Would Vote For
    Senator Tom Coburn

    Might vote for

Governor Tim Pawlenty
Governor Haley Barbour
Former Governor Gary Johnson
Former Governor Sarah Palin
Former Governor Buddy Roemer (Never knew he was thinking about running)
Rep. Steve King
Former Governor Bob Riley (I don’t know enough about him yet either)
former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton
Former Senator Judd Gregg
Former Vice President Dick Cheney
Governor Luis Guillermo Fortuño Burset
Gary Sinise (I don’t know what he might run on)
Fred Karger (I have no clue about him)

    Wont vote for

Governor Mitch Daniels
Former Governor Mike Huckabee
Ambassador Jon Huntsman
Former Governor Mitt Romney
Senator Rand Paul
Rep. Michele Bachmann
Former Senator Rick Santorum
Donald Trump
Former Governor George Pataki
Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani
Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Representative Eric Cantor
Senator John Cornyn
Former Governor Mark Sanford
Former Governor Charlie Crist
Senator John Ensign
Meg Whitman
Former Representative Joe Scarborough
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Jimmy McMillian (The Rent is to damn high)
Herman Cain
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich
Representative Ron Paul

    Not running anymore

Sharron Angle
Senator John Thune
Former Governor Jeb Bush
Governor Chris Cristie
Senator Scott Brown
Senator Bob Corker
Senator Jim Demintt
Governor Bobby Jindal
Governor Bob McDonall
Carl Palidino
Representative Mike Pence
Governor Rick Perry
Senator Marco Rubio
Representative Paul Ryan
Representative Allen West
General David Petraeus

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