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The Huckafraud Beclowns himself

While Mitch Daniels had a morally embarrassing interview where he displayed the cowardice and back tracking his “Inoffensive” campaign meme has been known by the Huckafraud (A.K.A Mike Huckabee) decided in an interview with Christianity today to show why he … Continue reading

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Mitch Daniels and the case of the Purity Test

Ok everyone, lets get on our secret Republican Purity rings The Defenders of Mitch Daniels and every terrible Republican Canidate ever are at it again. The latest example comes from the Daily Worst He explained more of his thinking on … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars II of X: Demographics Matter

I would like to lead off with some material from the Council on Foreign Relations How significant has the role of demographics been in the protests across the Middle East? Demographics have played an important role, not because they are … Continue reading

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Obama’s “Speech” on Libya

Truly never has so little been said and media attention given to the words of a President. They are going to meet to figure out what to do on Libya? Really? Italy has some immigration issues coming from Tunisia and … Continue reading

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The 2012 Presidential Pool

This is my running list of Candidates: They will be sorted as Follows Would vote for, Might vote for, wont vote for, and not running anymore Of those not running Bolded are ones I might or would vote for These … Continue reading

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Wars and Rumors of Wars Part I of ???

Some times you need to go with Melodrama when it fits the mood of the events you are talking about. So this post is going to be about taking a very high up analysis of the current situation we are … Continue reading

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Mitch Daniels Presidential Campaign Grade: Needs Improvement

Governor Daniels, may I call you Mitch? I want to know if you are familiar with the works of Shan Yu . I always am of a mind that character matters and I want to start with the character of … Continue reading

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Its been about 2 years since I last blogged on a regular basis

So as I reflect and take a look at my current state of affairs I have come to a conclusion that I need  to work on my blogging again.   So what is my current state of affairs? Lets take … Continue reading

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