Senator Bernard Announces His Run for the Presidency I

While I am Pro-Fred at the momment that can Change and I decided I wanted to do a good series of Posts on the State of The Presidential Race today

So without further adieu Literary Device HO!

Senator Bernard Announces His Run for the Presidency I

I decided I am going to Run for President, I decided this after looking out at the Presidential Field and seeing the problems we have in it today. I want to start first with why I choose to run rather then endorse the field of contenders we have today.

We live in an age of Lowered expectations, it should be no surprise that we have a Presidential field of lowered expectations. We have a One Term governor of a socially Liberal State who was driven out of town and decided to run for President as a Social and Political Conservative. Something like that happened to us before in 1976 when a Socially Conservative State ran out a governor for being Socially Liberal and he then went and ran as a political conservative. All I can say is at least Jimmy Carter doesn’t abuse his dog like Mitt Romney does. Just like Jimmy Carter Mitt is being viewed as a religious weirdo by the population at large, no offense to the Mormons out there. So can we Republicans do better then “Republican Jimmy Carter, all the political character but better hair” I think we can.

We have Senator John McCain, who talks to us of Good Character while alternately living bad character. If we were on the Tiber and John lifted his Toga Veralis then we might have ourselves a new Counsel. But the same John McCain who suffered in defense of this country ditched the wife who suffered with him in her hour of need for a Richer model which guaranteed him a plug into the Arizona republican establishment, and a life of wealth. The same life of wealth which lead to what was almost his own political death the Lincoln SnL scandal where he was trying to bail out a business friend of his wife and father in law. John was born into a life of privilege and married into more privilege so is it any wonder he insults opponents who disagree with his immigration bill to “come up with an alternative or shut up” and refuses to talk to the very conservatives who he needs to get elected, and then blame talk radio when these people he shunned refused to give his campaign money. If there is an issue like steroids in baseball John McCain will mug the camera to build his name recognition and own a piece of an issue that the media says is popular. Being popular with the media however has made John unpopular with republican voters, whose activist class he spurned. For a man who has been running to be the next president since he lost in 2000 John has made some real poor choices. John knows how to get in front of a wave but he sure as heck doesn’t know how to lead people in politics. I think we can do better then Maverick John McCain.

We of course have Rudy Giuliani, or as the political left calls him these days Rudy 9-11.Do we need another 4 years of a government that thinks the answer to every question is Executive power? And while we are at it do we need another 4 years of scandal plagued appointments as Rudy’s post mayoral appointment issues seem to suggest. In short Rudy gives us everything bad about President Bush wrapped up in a scrappy secular-Catholic New York frame. We need a President who understands not just the limits of Government power, but the limits of Presidential Power. While a President who can inspire us in time of crisis is good we need a president who can inspire us when the crisis has passed. Rudy can bust up mob heads, and can whip the big government of New York into shape but the skills that have made him a success make him a terrible President.

We have in Fred Thompson some one who can speak and express ideas that we need to get to the Presidency, but we don’t have some one who has had experience in getting things done. There is a reason we elect governors more often then Senators. Because if Fred Thompson can’t grease the wheels of government it will be left to the career civil servants and his appointees. The Later whom have for the last 8 years been at war with the Presidency, and the former being a very big question mark. Fred is the Republican I would hope of those out there. Will Fred appoint retreads from multiple Administrations, if so the good ideas he expresses now may get drowned out in the realities of Washington.
I go next to Congressman Ron Paul, not because he is next on the list of those who should be addressed but after those next likely to be nominated Ron Paul deserves to be addressed first. Ron Paul has open source ideas and does not take the kind of degree of ownership that Wikipedia or Linux does but instead lets anyone use them and anyone does. Extremists of all stripes embrace Ron Paul. Ron Paul makes himself open to the fringe elements of American society, and that makes him dangerous. He embrace conspiracy theory nonsense which damages our society in a way it doesn’t even deserve.

Mike Huckabee, best of “the rest” is likable, affable, and rather friendly. If mike drinks beer you’d like to go over to his house to have a cold one. But in a day when the food we eat and other things are being restricted by the worst of Nanny state governments around the world a Governor whose big claim to fame is dropping a lot of weight is concerning. A governor who considers himself a tax cutter by cutting net taxes rather then reducing taxes also suggests he might lead the nation to some form of nanny statism.

Duncan Hunter who, if this was the 1870s, would make a fine candidate for President hasn’t the name recognition or sadly the money to run for the top spot in this day and age, and thats a real shame.

Tom Tancredo, a man who made the issue of Immigration his chest thumping fire brand populist thread should be doing gangbusters today. The fact Tom Tancredo isn’t shows a failure to connect to the voters on HIS issue which shows the same inability to get the job done as President that we see with George W Bush. His trying to go back to an America-Firster Know nothingism takes what could be a transcendent wedge issue and squanders his potential.

We have Senator Sam Brownback. A Catholic who is trying to be evangelical, who proposes some of the most foolish ideas and tries to get over on The Jesus thing. If we did not have Mitt Romney with his special Mormon underwear and Baptist Preacher Mike Huckabee in the race Brownback might have a shot at those voters. But instead we have a very boring guy trying to feed on the same constituency as two other canidates. Julius Caeser once had a political opponent who never left his house because the omens were bad. He outlived Caeser and perhaps Sam could have moved when the omens were better for him because it most certainly isn’t today.

Jim Gilmore, like so many others in this race, can’t get over the communication thing which damned us in the last 8 years nor in the competency thing which has doomed George Bush. Which has been shown that following his term of office a Virginia that had been solidly republican is slipping outside the hearts and minds of the GOP. Pulls a gaffe about Fred Thompson before he even enters the race and shows he is no where near ready for Prime Time. And his pitch of “The Republican wing of the Republican party” is better sold by other people.

And lastly Tommy Thompson, The Governor back when being governor was cool, and the guy who ended his term of office wondering “Why terrorists don’t attack our food supply” In addition he managed the boondoggle of the Prescription drug benefit and mores us to more Big Government Conservatism.

While I like Hunter and Thompson. And Could do ok with Huckabee its clear the rest of this republican field is not what the party deserves nor what the American people deserve.

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2 Responses to Senator Bernard Announces His Run for the Presidency I

  1. Jon says:

    Love the blog! Nice color scheme :). I am trying to make a conservative digg alternative called GOP Hub ( Anything you can do to help with this effort would be awesome. Plus feel free to submit any articles you write here on your blog :). Take care and have a great weekend!

  2. anonymous says:

    I think the country needs less lobbyists, not one super lobbyist-in-chief. About the only thing he really has going for him is that he’s an actor. I’m sure you’re thinking “Just like our greatest president ever, Ronald Reagan!”, but that isn’t exactly a good thing. It means he can convincingly pretend to be things which he isn’t, like a good leader. That is how we got Bush, remember? It would just be four, or dear god I hope not, 8 more years of the same. I really want someone who can actually lead and who truly understands what he is there to do.

    Oh, and all the skeletons in Fred’s closet are a democratic ad makers wet-dream. They don’t even need to make stuff up! And that’s just the stuff that is known, wait until they find the real juicy stuff. Fred Thompson is a creep. Everyone will know that sooner or later…

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