This article Scares me

Because I could totally see it going down like this.

If there is a coup in Turkey, the world would encounter a phenomenon it has never seen before. Subsequent to a coup, Turkey would seek a partnership with Russia and Iran and would obtain its weapons, energy and funding from these two countries. The natural gas, oil and nuclear power from Russia and Iran would suffice to keep Turkey on its feet, if only for a while.

But a block made up of Russia, Turkey and Iran could change the global balance. It would take complete control of the Middle East. It would imprison Europe within the borders of its small continent. It would draw the Caucasus, Afghanistan, and Pakistan under its sway. It would form close relations with the Muslim world. It would dominate the sources of oil. It would also likely form a partnership with China.

A Single Gunshot

Such a development would dramatically decrease the effectiveness of a West made up of Europe, America, and to a lesser degree, Japan. The new block would have great strength militarily, financially, and in terms of energy sources. The Turkish fissure would thus lead to a one on a global scale.

If there is to be a World War III, I believe it would emerge from this rift.

Read the rest yourself

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