The President’s major Push on Immigration reform

When the President said he was going to use his “political capital” on social security reform, something which I as some one who will be screwed over by the status quo am very interested he let the bill die on the line. He never pushed congress to bring it back from the dead. He never said opponents hate young people and are agist. And yet he is going to double down on that kind of strategy in THE SENATE for his foolish immigration bill. BDP over at Ankle Biting Pundits decided to lay into some of the stupidity of one of the chief Demagogues under White House sanction

I will hit the other barrel

The other cabinet officer, Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, said that failure to pass the bill would hurt the economy. “We will see rotting fruit” in the fields, Mr. Gutierrez said. “We will see lawns that don’t get cared for. We will see patients who don’t get cared for.”

Ya DO know Mr. Commerce Secretary (as it would be your job) that no industry populated heavily by illegal aliens is (at least nationally) Dominated by them (I.E a population over 50%)

Since those industries have…ya know… Americans holding those jobs, if SOME HOW this bill failing to pass SOME HOW lead to 20 million people leaving the percentage of Jobs that would be vacated it roughly the same percentage of the job force as our current unemployement stats (hey go look at that)

However I’d like to showcase some of the choice language the NYTs uses (even they don’t believe the BS)

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a Republican supporter of the plan, said the president also noted that he could be more committed to making security a central feature of the immigration law than future presidents. “I think he made a very good point that if we fail to act, others will,” Mr. Graham said.

He COULD be MORE committed.

Thats some pretty solid weasel words there.

but they do come from a Solid weasel

At the lunch, where aides said, Mr. Bush dined on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, the president also told Republicans that he would not sign “just any bill,” Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi said. That comment was meant to answer a concern of critics who fear the president is so eager for a domestic achievement that he would agree to flawed legislation.

Really Brother Trent… he could also say he wouldn’t sign “Just any bill” if say it gutted out the guest worker program.

Without.. ya know.. the context of the conversation that could mean anything

Seriously the White House and the Pro-Establishment forces are the not ready for prime time players

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