Hey Welcome Illebral masses ;-)

In the world of Blogs some times you need to drop a glove and challenge some one. I have done that a few times but Bryan over at This Divided Stated decided to share my thoughts on his world view and star wars (using the likes of Maddox and Brin to buttress what I said) with his audience.

which in my book is always worthy of sticking a blog into the ole blogroll and smoking it.

Shame other people insist on some tired Meme’s (Anchoress I’m talking about you. New flash the republican party… all American political parties are ripe with factionalism its part of our system sweetie… 😉 I look forward to seeing if you’ll challenge some intellectual discourse like Bryan here was.)

of course I’d like Bryan to take me up on a challenge about the actual story craft of the Star Wars series as penned by lucas (The EU is by far head and shoulders superior to anything Lucas was heavily involved in crafting -Star Wars and Empire were much heavier rolls to outsiders, whereas Jedi and the Prequals were far more Lucas-)

Lets see if Bryan takes me up on it :-p

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