Buisness… Not so Capitalist/Free Market

I have a great post in the pipeline about why Lesbians are better then the editors of Maxim but first Fun with people in business who don’t understand what the free market-capitalist system really is

At an investment forum in St Petersburg over the weekend, where dozens of global chief executives paid homage to Russia’s growing economic might, Hans Jörg Rudloff, the chairman of Barclays Capital, said the British government was mistaken when it expressed public concern last week over the growing risks of investing in Russia.

“Their approach looks unbalanced,” Mr Rudloff said. “Russia’s transition to a market economy has been successful and cannot be undone.”

ahhh but just down the page a bit we see whats really going on

Royal Dutch Shell was forced last November to sell control of its $20bn (€15bn, £10bn) Sakhalin-2 oil and gas venture to state-controlled Gazprom following a government pressure campaign over alleged environmental violations. BP’s flagship Russia venture TNK-BP is being threatened with the loss of its licence to develop its east Siberian Kovykta field over licensing violations. Many observers see the move as part of a wider gambit to force TNK-BP’s Russian shareholders to sell control to a state-controlled energy group, such as Gazprom.

Privately, western diplomats say the government campaigns against TNK-BP and Shell reflect arbitrary actions by the Russian government, which, they say, is not acting in the interests of the Russian people but in the interests of small group of individuals. They say such moves are undermining Russia’s investment climate and thus its future sustainable growth.

Mr Rudloff called these concerns “unbalanced and exaggerated” and said they “did not reflect the reality of investing in Russia”. He said Russia’s moves to consolidate state control over strategic sectors of the economy “did not seem out of the way of how OECD countries acted in the past and still act today in establishing and keeping control of a handful of national champions”.

So some one is stealing, and stealing blind from other companies and your fine with it because you get a cut of the stealing. Well thats good to know… because… ya know.. a state with Absolute Power where the President is likely to “pull a Chavez” and extend his term may soon be putting forward 21st century Socialism.. I mean heck its ok because I am getting money now right

If you invest with these people.. I’d pull your money out

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