Am I a male Lesbian?

Well Ace had this link ( which goes to Agent Bedhead)

and while I am in my flesh and blood a man their is a woman-ness inside and well… :-p definately more appealing to the Lesbian top 100 List then the Maxim Top 100 list

I’d like to dredge up the piccies but that would take a lot of time and me plugging lots of images into GIS so kids use the tabbed browsers to move along with me

Pick one for the Lesbians and Pick one for Maxim are both not top pick material (The lesbians I am not sure what they are thinking and Lindsey isn’t #1 at anything short of a cocaine snorting contest)

But I would rank Leisha Hailey(pick from the lesbians) at least 4 or 5 points higher on my own personal list -but their is a footnote that she may not play for the team that would want to play with-

Lesbians pick for #2 Ms. Angeline Jolie (#12 for Maxim) I think 2 or 12 are both way high but definately well above either pick #1 by a factor of at least 7

maxim pick’s Jessica Alba who I think could use a bit more muscle before I’d put her up at #2 but I find her better then Jolie (by a factor of ten or so) and way better then lohan (by around the same points Angelina is above Lohan plus her rating above angelina)

Lesbians pick Kate Winslet for #3 (who I think their #1 and #2 are both better looking that so minus the 1-2 thing so far sequentially I am with the Lesbians-

Kate I don’t think is to far from Biel on the overall scale (+/- 1 or 2) and I think is slightly bellow maxim’s #3 (by 1 or 2)

The Lesbian’s #4 IMHO should be Lena Headey Outshines their #1 by 20-30 points. Way sexxier then Lohan. and way sexier (by at least 50) then Maxim’s #4 Christina Aguilara. Christina Sweetie we know your trying to be the new Madonna… but it was barely tolerable for you

maxim in #5 puts Jessica Biel who I’d rank above Lohan, Winslet, and Aguilara but below Jolie, alba and headey and tied I’d say with hailey #5 for the lesbians? Sarah Shahi, really Hot Iranian Chick. Who I’d put well above Biel, Winselt, Lohan, Hailey, and aguilara

#6 for Maxim Ali Larter who is way hotter then Jessical Biel, and everyone I’d say so far short of Shahi and Heady a real bad call for Maxim. The Lesbians Jennifer Beals… WTF lesbians, seriously WTF

Now for Lucky #7 Team Lesbian puts up Tina Fey who has the Hot Librarian look going for her and thats about it. Much better looking then Winslet, Aguilara, and Lohan. I would put her around Jessica Biel and I’d put her within the Jessica Alba neighborhood (maybe 10-15 places lower) Maxim’s #7 Eva Mendes who looks much hotter in that picture on their site then any other i’d see. and less hot then Fey (down say 3 or 4 points from Fey)

#8 for Both I would say I agree with equally Rihanna is roughly as Hawt as Jordana Brewster way hotter then both lists #7, Hotter then the Lesbian #6 and slightly hotter then Maxim’s #5. Hotter then Maxim’s #4 but outclassed by the Lesbian #4 (if we combined their hottitude it would be less… and they are also outclassed by the Lesbian #5)

Now down to #9 Salma Hayek for the Lesbians (a criminal misjudgement being this low considering who is above her) she is at least as hot as Lesbian pick #5

maxim #9 Eva Longoria at least a facter of 20-30 points lower

rounding out the top ten maxim has Stacy Ferguson. Much hotter then their #9, less hot then their #8. Way way hotter then their #7 and much less hot then their #6. She is out classed by the Lesbian picks at 7-9 and 4-5 but she beats the lesbian picks at 1-3 and 6. as well as Lesbian pick for #10 ms. natalie Portman (who I’d rank bellow the Maxim picks except for Lohan (obviously), Aguilara, and probably Jessica biel

so There I think I analyized why Lesbians are better at picking out Hot Women then the editors of Maxim

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