What Instapundit Said

Instapundit had more from the truth is stranger then fiction department

Maybe they could build a fence, or something . . . . Really, you can’t make this stuff up.

Onto the meat of the article

CUERNAVACA, Mexico — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Friday that Washington is taking steps to address Mexican concerns the U.S. is not doing enough to stop illegal weapons from being smuggled across the border and into the hands of brutal drug gangs……

The firepower we are seeing here has to do with a lack of control on the (U.S.) side of the border,” Patricio Patino, Mexico’s top anti-drug intelligence official, said last month. “What we have asked the American government … is that they put clear controls on the shipments of weapons.”

The two-day meeting that ended Friday also laid the groundwork for a future security plan to fight drug trafficking and street gangs in the region. The attorneys general agreed to call on experts to propose concrete actions on violent street gangs known as “Maras,” human trafficking, money laundering and drug trafficking.

Because when we turn a blind eye to the folks smuggling Mexicans-and other illegals- (and both of of our governments are doing it) that means they are turning a blind eye to these people as they go back the other way, with guns.

If we had a sane Attorney General and President this would be a negotiation where their would be strong enforcement of the border on both sides

but really none of that will happen

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