We can’t question their Patriotism but can we question their Sanity?


Former Campaign Blogger for John Kerry endorses Loose Change (I.E that the government Blew up the towers on 9-11)

I will digress to disclose that my personal review of the 9/11 research and questions convinced me over a year ago that the official conspiracy theory (religious fundamentalists from the Middle East conspired to hijack the planes and fly them into the buildings, causing them to collapse) can only be partly correct. The rest of the story is far too important to be left unquestioned.

And John Edwards Blogger… advocating Arson and Destruction of property. And then saying it is “just a joke

and to her I have to say, you DO know when people advocate going around (in your own words)

Break something. Set something on fire. Tonight you can find a way to resist. That asshole with a Bush bumper sticker? It can be removed.

People tend to go to far. So it will end up leading into worse violence accidentally. Thats why Inciting a Riot is a crime some places

But you don’t think about that… because you like the former Kerry Blogger are mentally unbalanced

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