Some things to think about when we “Comprehensively” Reform immigration

I defended George Bush to a lot of people, but I think this is going to be his legacy

It’s estimated that about 750,000 illegal immigrants enter the United States every year. If so, that implies that more than 10% of the illegal population arrived within the last 24 months, and about one-third arrived since George W. Bush’s inauguration. These people are not deeply rooted in the U.S.

and keep in mind this when you hear about the health care debate

Yet for particular states and towns, mass migration is a cause of trauma and upheaval. We all know that the population of those without healthcare insurance is rising — with all manner of attendant woes. But did you know that three-quarters of the increase is driven by immigration? And all of this for virtually zero net economic benefit.

Things politicians don’t want to tell you.

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