When Political Correctness and Religous Weirdos go wrong

(*H/T Fark)

Dear religious people Under CURRENT (Unless Bush undid something for the Religious folk that Clinton did)Department of Education Regulations (-Schools don’t always know this is current regulation-) Kids at school can pray and do any religious activity they want so long as it doesn’t mess with the school day.

But let me show you the meat of what I am talking about

“This would be a model for the entire country,” says attorney Peter Lepiscopo.
The Institute is asking the District to set aside an hour of daily prayer time, separate classrooms for the students of different faiths to pray, and teachers or administrators to be available to lead the prayer or worship seasons.

The spokesperson for the district says accommodating the requests would put the district in violation of the law.

“Some of what they are asking for is that the district lead a particular religious service and that’s not allowed. ” says San Diego Unified School District spokesman Jack Brandais.

Brandais says the Institutes request go way beyond the accommodations the district is making for Muslim students at Carver Elementary. There the students can choose to go to recess or pray for about ten minutes during the school day. Students of any faith are free to pray at recess as well.

So religious weirdos…Please try to advocate your position with competency

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