Update: No response

I dropped the Gauntlet, but She got nothing

Like I said, I’m the same person I was a year ago. Are you? Ask yourself if you’re the same person you were last year, or if you’ve allowed the mob-thinking that spreads so easily (as I can sadly attest) through forum echo chambers to infect you with something powerful and ugly and so hateful and unthinking that it cannot possibly serve a “higher” good? Do you recognize yourself, any more, or is this who you have always been, simply revealed?

You know short of legitimate Sheets KKK looneys (and Pat-Tancredo extremists) I’ve not seen any hatred on our side. Its pretty clear you are projecting negativity on those who go against the larger group.. you sure your not suffering from a sense of betrayal?

such as your words here

What if the illegal immigration flashpoint was never about immigration at all, but about getting people stirred to “hate.” Who would do that, you ask? Think about it. Who and what does hate serve? What happens to the soul of a nation, when “hate” is the overpowering force driving a majority of people – it doesn’t matter which “side.

and here

But when you got offended because some charged a racial component to all of this, did you think you’d end up writing the words “kiss my white American ass,” just a few days later, as though your ass being a white American one made it an innately superior sort of ass? Did you think you’d be referring to the president as “Jorge” as though having such a name is a bad thing? When you got offended because the president worried about our national soul, did you think you’d be wishing “a pox” on me and my kids and the American President? Did you think you’d be calling Bush a “villain?”

Funny how you only address the extremist opponents there hun

Seems suggestive of your own position

and you don’t answer my challenge to you

So you wanting a fantasy George Bush and a challenge against a fantasy opposition or do you want to face up to a real thoughtful intellectual debate

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