Tired of me making fun of Immigration bill and McCain.. have some Paris

More on Paris being to crazy for jail (or rashy)

Attorneys differed on whether her treatment was unusual.

“She would have gotten out early if she was plain Jane,” said Leonard Levine, who has handled numerous probation violation cases. He noted that overcrowding in the Los Angeles County jail system has led to thousands of nonviolent offenders serving only 10 percent of their sentences. “She did as much time as a normal person would have done.”

But you know what Paris is not a normal person, nor should she be treated like one.

Do Normal people not show up on time to a hearing to determine their fate for violating their probation? No most normal people in that circumstance would be very respectful.

Do Normal people who have a DUI get filmed at bars, partying, and leading to other people (*cough Brittney cough*) to become drunken skanks? well no.

Do normal people have the money to hire people to drive them places, as opposed to driving on suspended licenses? well again no.

Paris is being treated differently because she is well different.

She shows no respect to the court or law enforcement process that can and did (for a day and a half, or 3 days using LA jail math) put her in Jail

Paris continues the behavior that got her in trouble, but also glamorizes it and makes others who for SOME reason like her more apt to do it.

And Paris had most importantly of all she had the money to avoid the situation which lead to her probation violation.

She sets a bad example to the community, she shows contempt for the laws and authority of the community, and she had the ability to just not get in trouble. Paris is special and thats why the book was thrown at her

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