Fred Thompson Crush continues

Fred hits another one out of the park here

When Iran abducted 15 British citizens from Iraqi waters in March, the world knew about it. The regime used the hostages for their own underhanded propaganda purposes, but they were at least released. Last week, President Bush called for the release of Americans that almost no one knows are being held hostage in Iran.

When the British sailors and marines were kidnapped, some analysts said that they were second-choice hostages — that the Iranian management really wanted Americans. Intelligence reports indicate that at least one attempt was made in Iraq to grab a small group of American soldiers, though they fought back and escaped.

Tehran’s solution was to look for Americans unable to fight back. They arrested four Iranian-Americans visiting Iran to see family or arrange humanitarian assistance for that country. They pose no threat to Iran, but have all been accused or charged with espionage, as were British hostages. This is a serious charge made specifically to remind the world that they could be executed.

Go read the whole thing

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3 Responses to Fred Thompson Crush continues

  1. Jim Robinson says:

    Why on earth would we elect some “talking head” to CIC.? Get real.

  2. karasoth says:

    #1) Welcome over here.

    #2) The reason comes down to getting ideas. The person who doesn’t need a lame “weapons of mass destruction” argument but can instead argue that Iran is an amoral and absolutely evil nation. He can recognize the problem and communicate it

  3. CosmoReaxer says:

    Romney and Giuliani say they’re serious about Iran and border security, but neither have made the case as well as FDT has. Nothing against the other guys — they’ve got it right, but they’re not as well argued. Fred Thompson is the one who really understands the real issues right now.

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