Three Members of Congress for me, 2 winners and One Loser

I’m not even going to tease who the loser is (Mel Martinez you know who you are.) But let me tell you how the immigration Issue has crystallized my thoughts about the kind of people I expect to hire as my public Servants.


First of we got Vern

Vern is against the Shamnesty but his office represents in a nutshell why I will never vote for Mel Martinez EVER

I called Vern’s office and first thing first the lady on the other end of the Phone was happy. She acted like she had fun or at the very least liked her job.

When I said  I wanted to thank him for taking his stand against the Shamnesty she said thank you. And I tell ya what, I bet if I was critical she would say “I’m sorry to hear that” and taken down my message and it would have went up the chain of command.

She then told me about the responses she has gotten to the Congressman Officially coming out against the Shamnesty.

I don’t know how well Vern was plugged into the leadership Mojo but Vern isn’t the guy who is going to get robo-calls. Vern is in a relatively safe Florida District. Lets just say the number of calls she gets in support of the congressman’s position… not so many people going the other way. She used the words “next to no one.”

She then listened to me Gripe about Mel Martinez.

She gave me Excellent Customer Service. She was the right person to have on the phone for me.

Called up the office of Bill Nelson. I expressed my Gripe about Mel Martinez right away ( I had gotten the voicemail right away) She tried to say well maybe its a busy signal and I said “no when I call your office I got a busy signal, when i call Mel’s I get shot straight to voice mail.”she said she was very sorry about that and asked If I had something she could pass on to the Senator (*Her Senator*) I expressed I was opposed to the Immigration bill and I am sure she heard some of the reasons why. And I expected Bill was probably going to vote for it… and I had no plans to vote for him anyway. But I explained why I felt the bill was bad in a way a Democrat could get behind with me.

She also offered me an address in DC to write to the senators. She also gave excellent customer service.

good customer service, not as great as my congressman’s but good none the less

Now we get to Mel Martinez

Local Number –> Voice mail (which I have called for two separate issues  and got voice mail AND no response. )

Washington Number–> First voice mail, then his voice mail broke down (ain’t going to blame him for that.  However my prior two occasions I also got voice mail)

Naples Number –> Voice Mail (and a First time caller there to)

so I went out to the Orlando number (which I had gotten voice mail on one other time When I gave Mel a call)

She answered the phone (shock of shocks) and put me on hold for about 4 minutes.

She did not sound happy. She sounded like I was a burden.

Out the gate I did not complain about the immigration bill (as I had planned to do today) Out the gate I complained about the slipshod work of her office and the senators larger staff network

Did she say “I’m sorry” did she say “That’s Terrible”

nope.. she didn’t.

Did she say “Is their a way I could help you with those issues”

Nope she didn’t.

So then I laid into her about the Immigration Bill. I said “I’m not going to tell you the reasons I’m against it. I’m sure you’ve heard them all already.”

and then I said “Unless the Democrats nominate a crazy person they will get my vote over Mel Martinez.”

No Emotion, no concern… after verifying I was a Florida resident that was it

Mel ya didn’t lose me on just the immigration bill, you lost me because your office Simply doesn’t care about the people who vote for you and pay your salar.

“Your doing a heck of a Job there Mel”

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