The Stem Cell Wars continue

More things You ain’t hearing

(H/T Instapundit)

In a surprising advance that could sidestep the ethical debates surrounding stem cell biology, researchers have come much closer to a major goal of regenerative medicine, the conversion of a patient’s cells into specialized tissues that might replace those lost to disease.

The advance is an easy-to-use technique for reprogramming a skin cell of a mouse back to the embryonic state. Embryonic cells can be induced in the laboratory to develop into many of the body’s major tissues.

Now I am not going to go into why its not “Embryonic” Stem Cells (as they are found in things that are not embryos, and likewise embryos have “mature” stem cells in them as well. What it shows you is We can do lots of things with Stem Cells not taken from Embryo’s (Fetuses are actually a poor source of the cells yet -democrats- seem to want to allow them to be used….)

I am not a big Abortion Guy, But I am a guy who is against politically motivated Science

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