Political Understatement from Johnny Mac’s Terrier

In today, what I hope to be the start of an Internet Sensation I wish to talk about the Brave Little Terrier of Johnny Mac (R-? Maverick) against the forces of The Obamination

It would undercut “everybody over here who’s walked the plank and told our base, ‘You’re wrong,'” Graham said. “So when you’re out on the campaign trail, my friend, tell them about why we can’t come together. This is why.”

Really… tell us we are wrong eh? Want me to refresh your memory about what you DID say?

Wait to the end. Where Lindsey is speaking to the National Council of La Raza

Lindsey YouTube is a powerful thing.

You didn’t just say that the base was wrong, cause we are grown ups and we can handle that. You said we were Bigots. You said this was all about running people down. And OH BTW you were speaking to a group that heavily supports Democrats so not only were you calling us names you were calling us names to the other team.

So lets get that very clear then when I put the rest of this article as you Yip (yip) for your master

and BTW.. any spot as #2 on the ticket. Forget it, you and getting there. You as a Judge or Attorney General… well we folks you called “Bigots” will remember you

But back to your Yipping at the Obamination

 His target was a proposed point system that would make it easier for would-be immigrants to obtain visas based on their education levels or work skills rather than on having close relatives already living in the United States. “We can’t weaken the essence of what America is by turning our backs on immigrants who to reunite with their family members,” Obama said in his speech.

Yes because OH BTW working on a farm for 5 years (which many illegals can say they did) gets you as many points as an advanced degree under your framework

Oh am I sorry? are you not hearing “his master’s voice”

I am going for an advanced degree and let me tell you, I don’t consider it the same as 5 years of farm labor. Cause I did farm labor and believe me, that ain’t the same. So The Obamination was basically killing the Big Lie that this point system will in actuality reward skilled Immigrants. You know what Good for The Obamination

and Shame on you Lindsey for putting whatever personal ambition John McCain is trying to reward on you for such disreputable and dishonest conduct

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