I am going to answer John McCain’s Challenge:

John McCain has issued a Challenge

McCain seemed downright testy in his charm offensive with New Hampshire voters (this from CNN footage). When voter after voter told him they didn’t like the immigration bill, he shot back — I’m not kidding — that they were welcome to propose their own legislation on the matter, but until then, they had no standing to question his plan. Surely this was a glitch in his intended statement — challenging other candidates to come up with a plan (though, you know– opponents do have a plan: let this monstrosity die and go back to negotiation when we’re in a stronger bargaining position), but from what I saw, a Senator paid over $160,000 per year to legislate was arguing with would-be supporters by demanding that they, with their free time, come up with their own 1,000 page immigration bill.


and I decided to accept the challenge. Now I since I am not being paid 180K a year, plus the established life and finances of a member of the US Senate I will not give 1000+ pages worth of paper (which had staffers from multiple Senate offices, DoHS, and other stake holders is actually worth more then 180K a year) But I will bring back an old Tool of My old Blog


“Congressman Bernard” which lead to a Horrible funk for me and blog malaise. But I think I can roll this out that way.


And Congressman Bernard gets a promotion, in part due to the fact that Mel Martinez is the worst Senator who has represented me as a voter, but also because Vern has actually impressed me as my congressman…. so Senator Larry Austin Bernard will have his moment in the Sun (and may be a recurring gimmick)


From the Office of Senator Larry Bernard:

People of Florida, those of you who oppose Illegal immigration and oppose the President’s solution to the issues with out Immigration system have been poked, prodded, abused and been accused of the evils of Bigotry. Senator John McCain has asked for his opponents in the Presidential Primary to step up and offer an alternative solution to the bill, under the dichotomy of Bill or Status quo. It reminds me a bit of the Eddie Izzard joke “Cake or Death…Sorry, we’ve run all out of Cake.” But I have decided to come up with an outline, as I am not making a Amendment on Steroids to turn a Senate Bill from last congress into a New Senate Bill which was done contrary to senate procedures in a smoke filled room as if they answered a check list of “how to not effectively manage PR”

But I have decided that I will indulge John McCain and pretend that my options are Cake or Death and that I am going to pick Cake. I however am going to bake the cake. I will also sadly take a phrase from Senator Clinton that “It takes a village” to enforce our Borders. And as a Presidential Candidate John McCain should know we do have three Branches of Government that work together to do what our constitution lays out.

Part A:
Aggressive Enforcement against business owners who hire illegals. And by that I wish to be more clear. I am not going to go after a farmer or construction contractor who could have honestly make a cake. But where we have instances of companies sending in W-2 Forms where people have sequential Social Security numbers it is very clear there are some companies out there who know very well what what they are doing and just don’t care.

US Attorneys will demand the book be thrown at this people. They will be paraded on Camera’s in front of CNN and Fox News and their will be an established message that goes to business owners across this country “If you willfully hire illegal aliens, you will be punished to the full extent of the law.”

I would make it a felony for Large Businesses, or firms with more then 50 illegals to continue as they are. I would ban people from having federal government contracts and anything else I could think to do to make the risk of willfully employing illegal aliens be to hire to endure.

Companies would be liable for any Welfare and Health care costs their illegal employees accrue and so on.

Part B:
Aggressive Enforcement against Criminal aliens. If an Alien is arrested for drug related crimes their will be an immigration agent to take possession of him after the trial. If an alien is arrested for a violent felony the federal government will take possession of him. If it is a felony that drags down our society and puts cost on states and communities and we will hold them in Federal Jail. Then we will sit down and talk to their countries, and we will explain to their countries of Origin that if they want a policy that is good to their law abiding people who want to work and send money back home, in the case of Mexico the second largest part of their economy, they need to come up with a method to keep these folks from coming back to the United States.

Part C:
we would Increase all existing Visa Categories by 50% and give discretion to add an additional 25% under unique circumstances

We would create Caps. No more then 50% of the immigrants coming into the United States should come from the Western Hemisphere. No nation should have 50% of our immigration poll. No more then 50% of the immigrants coming into the United States should be from English Cultural states.

Part D:
Illegals in this country will have a formula which will allow them to be given a “Path to citizenship”. But before they get a Path to Citizenship we have to see that they are eligible for that Path. Do you have a Minor Child in this country, that will get you points. Are you married to a US Citizen, that will get you points. Are you a home owner… there are some problems with that but if you are…. that gets points. If you own a business, that gets you points. If you have a college degree… that gets you points. If you have demonstrated skills in a trade as a Journeyman or Master Craftsman you get points. And so on. Their would also be things like a Criminal record, and lack of desire to be a citizen, and so on which would keep you from going forward. And if you score a 60-80% score on the available points you are eligible to advance to the path to citizenship. You can apply here and be granted temporary rights to stay in the country till that Path is started.

Those who don’t qualify will be focused on in the following Groups
#1) Criminal Aliens
#2)Aliens who have Outstanding health care or welfare debts
and then
#3) that 20-40% score holders who do not get legal citizenship some other way.

Part E:
In year one following my plan we increase the funding to ICE/Border Patrol/the related immigration agencies to 125% of their current funding, year 2 it would increase to 150% of todays funds plus normal growth of government funds. Year 3 it would increase to 175% of the current funds with normal projections, in year 4 it would be increased to 200% of the current year funding, and by year 5 it will be increased to 225%

this increase in funding would be devoted to enforcing currently existing laws, and building border solutions to help patrol the border.

Part F:
The provisions of this Plan will be reviewed in 5 years, and then again in 10 years with sunset provisions included.

Part G:
The President and the President of Mexico will work on negotiating a treaty to work on better solving cross border issues.

This outline of a plan is just about a page and a half. I know we would have to make some legalize and regulatory language but I bet this won’t come out to a monster book that Rivals war and Peace




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