More Fred Thompson Crush Stuff

(H/t to hot air)

Icing on the cake…. Anne Coulter is contrary on him

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One Response to More Fred Thompson Crush Stuff

  1. gchuggins says:

    I’m a strong conservative and I am against Fred Thompson. Fred D. Thompson is a member of the Ted Kennedy wing of the Republican party as evidenced by his contributions to the immigration problem we have here in California. Liberal democrat Al Gore has a better record on immigration than Thompson. Example: Which of the following has a better record on immigration? Fred Thompson or Al Gore? Americans for Better Immigration gave Thompson a “C” grade while Gore has an “A”. While Californians were fighting for Prop 187 in 1994-1998, Thompson was in the Senate contributing to the immigration problem we have today. The fact that Al Gore and 32 Congressional Democrats have a better record on fighting immigration than Thompson warrants his inclusion in the Kennedy wing. Thompson should remain in his current career as an actor and support Duncan Hunter, a genuine conservative, for President.

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