Its like Snakes, On a Plane

Fred Thompson is doing Very well right now, and while working my Soul numbing 7-11 Job I think I figured out the answer and It comes down to Four words

“Snakes on a Plane”

So it came down to me that their had been lots of small scale viral advertising, use of the internet and its social networks to sell products before that point but Snakes on a Plane caught the world by storm. The absurdity of the videos floating around screamed out fun, action, and snakes on a plane. And we didn’t know why we wanted Snakes on a plane but we sure thought we did. The Final Product was well… less then Promising. But the use of viral marketing, especially for television programs, has heated up and has helped create buzz which leads to ratings and media attention (or media attention and ratings). In the history of political Ads the tempo from the non-political ads to the political ones has been more conservative. But Fred gets how to use it, or has some one who gets how to use it. And more importantly Fred Needs in, and thats why this will work well for him to start.

Before this point in the election the race to get the guys who have scars going back to 1988 and earlier, the guys who ran the rooms or were understudies to the guys who ran the rooms where the smoke came out was nearly over. McCain got most, followed by Rudy, with Romney gobbling up most of the Rest. Fred Couldn’t rely on getting experienced people to start out of the Box. Fred had to make some TV Magic. Fred started a Whispering Campaign and a draft movement a Buzzing when a lot of people weren’t satisfied with their options.  But the insiders, the guys you need to do the really heavy lifting in these kind of races don’t leave just because they are working for “He is the best republican, but….” To get enough of these people to win Fred needed us

Bloggers, Internet Website writers, Conservative pundits, all to talk about him. All to tease the lips of the voices in Talk Radio, Fox Pundit ally, and yes the Mainstream media. Romney has already seen some of his organization go away, and some big dogs are popping into the Romney door because his Candidacy was the political equivilenth of Yelling “Get these Snakes off the Mother-F****ing plane”

Now Fred has to do the trick of converting this momentum into solid material. Not something easy to do with the campaign style he has started rolling. But he isn’t the only guy playing coy like this. And Newt is many things but being less then Shrewd isn’t one of them. this will work if Fred Thompson when he becomes Offically Official turns the buzz into some good solid material

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