Shamnesty Schadenfreuda

First The Results of a Survey

(H/t Mickey Kaus)

These are ratings amongst Hispanic Republicans in California

McCain 22% 17%
Romney 5% 5%
Fred Thompson 5% 24%

Fred Thompson comes out against the Bill (but is at least remotely sympathetic on the issue) He quadruples. Romney comes out hard and non sympathetic he flatlines. and McCain is for the bill and supportive… he goes DOWN

and check out some other fun Minority Polling

African Americans

McCain 31% 26%
Romney 15% 1%
Fred Thompson 14% 34%

But since Pat is a good guy

Gen X and Gen Y

McCain 23% 27%
Romney 14% 8%
Fred Thompson 10% 23%

McCain 36% 29%
Romney 10% 17%
Fred Thompson 0% 12%

Meanwhile the CBO cracked the case on the Shamnesty Billl
(H/T Ace)

The Senate’s immigration bill will only reduce illegal immigration by about 25 percent a year, according to a new Congressional Budget Office report, Stephen Dinan will report Tuesday in The Washington Times.
The bill’s new guest-worker program could lead to at least 500,000 more illegal immigrants within a decade, said the report from the CBO, which said in its official cost estimate that it assumes some future temporary workers will overstay their time in the plan, adding up to a half-million by 2017 and 1 million by 2027.
“We anticipate that many of those would remain in the United States illegally after their visas expire,” CBO said of the guest-worker program, which would allow 200,000 new workers a year to rotate into the country.
And in a blow to President Bush’s timetable, the CBO said the “triggers” — setting up the verification system, deploying 20,000 U.S. Border Patrol agents to duty and constructing hundreds of miles of fencing and vehicle barriers — won’t be met until 2010.

And thats a Rosy Scenario for the CBO

So in the end the best we can hope for is a minor bump, and the Guest Workers violating the law leading to an increase

so it really then isn’t much better then doing Nothing or Doing Security FIrst

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