WSJ: You must Debate us on our show

Remember that National Review Dropping of the Gauntlet

In its online editorial in which it challenged The Wall Street Journal to a debate, National Review referred to an Internet video on The Journal’s Web site of an editorial board meeting in which Paul Gigot, the editorial page editor, referred to what he calls “the degree to which the right isn’t even rational about this anymore.” National Review wrote, “It shouldn’t be a problem for The Journal’s editors to take up this challenge, since opponents of the bill aren’t ‘rational’ on the question.”

Here is how the Wall Street Journal responds to the National Review Challenge
(not sure if the Junkyard Blog was refering to something edited out of the NYTs or elsewhere

Paul Gigot, dismissed the challenge, saying National Review writers had not accepted offers to appear on The Journal’s program on Fox to discuss the matter.

So you only debate if its in your playground and -more importantly- helps sell your show. Guess we see who is rational after all

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