MTV tries to ruin humanity, ends up doing good

Better luck next time MTV

(H/T to Fark)

Angry investors find elusive oilman on MTV
Suit here follows ‘Sweet 16’ show

Associated Press

CAMPBELLSVILLE, Ky. — Not long after entrusting millions of dollars to a former Nashville-area oilman with wells in Kentucky, the investors started asking questions: Where was the oil? Where was their money? And where was the oilman?

The investors think they got some answers on an episode of My Super Sweet 16, an MTV reality show about spoiled rich kids and their outrageously opulent birthday parties.

About 60 investors who say they heard similar promises from Milby are suing him in federal court in Nashville, accusing Milby of defrauding them of at least $4.5 million. None of the investors listed in court records is from Tennessee.

And ya thought going on National TV was a GOOD idea?

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