I don’t usually pull stuff out of the NY slimes….

But as I was looking at this, I wanted to make a comment

Not so this year, when Mr. Bush’s personal involvement in brokering a bipartisan immigration deal, and his clear determination to push for its passage, has intensified criticism from grass-roots and legislative leaders of his own party to the highest levels of his presidency. The criticism reflects a central tension between Mr. Bush’s pursuit of a defining domestic policy accomplishment and the party’s concerns about its 2008 prospects when base voters are so angry about immigration.

Mr. Bush’s comments to federal law enforcement trainees in Georgia on Tuesday, in which he took the rare step of going after conservative critics in terms usually reserved for Democrats, has charged the Republican ferment, specifically his suggestion that those opposed to the plan “don’t want to do what’s right for America.”

Presidential aides said later that Mr. Bush did not mean to impugn anyone’s patriotism, and that he had ad-libbed the line during a passionate address on an issue he holds dear.

But days later, Mr. Cornyn still seemed rankled. “I honestly don’t know whether it was scripted or unscripted,” he said. “But I think it was uncalled for.”

Really like he wasn’t Impugning people by saying your a Sexist Elitist for being against Harriet Miers
You don’t like Brown people if your against Alberto

Sorry white house that doesn’t wash

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