But are they clean…..

(H/t to the Corner)

Joe Biden (D-Plagerism) does the Fox news Debate issue right

“I agreed to go because my friends in the Black Caucus said this is a very important debate to be able to determine the difference among us on matters relating to the African-American community,” Biden said.

“Wherever the Black Caucus asks me to go, I will go,” he added.

Lets forget the GENERAL Idiocy of Boycotting the Fox News Debates (of which Dennis Kucinich is right on the money for) the Congressional Black Caucus through its foundation wanted to sponsor a debate. Reach out to the Black Community and who was willing to put it on (based on stories I’ve read the ONLY network that bit)

Fox News isn’t whats important here. But in truth no one will care about that. But good for you Joe

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