The Shamnesty Part II: More Fear and Loathing in Immigration

Part one was really long, and really long longer then a bellow the fold post would justify So here I offer up to you Part two by starting with one of my Biggest Problems “Back of the Line” the proponents of this bill say it takes Illegals to the back of the line, but how can you be at the back of the line when your already in the store?

Imagine if you will America is this great big mall. And Imagine that we the humble Americans work inside it as clerks and whatnot. Now Imagine some guys hanging around the food court just doing work and getting paid not being employees. The Mall manager walks up to them and says “Hey You get to the back of the line, and keep on working.” that is the back of the line that this Bill and its supporters Envision. Let me move on to tell you a personal Story or two

About a year or so Ago I had a class on Globalization and their was a hot and angry argument going on and one guy got rather savaged by the Hispanics and the extreme leftists/Extreme libertarians in the room. I needed to talk to the teacher anyway so I heard his story. He met this girl earlier in his collegiate career who is from Australia. The girl was an upper classman from him. He met her, they fell in love, and they got engaged. But a funny thing happened she had to move back to Australia and they had to work out their immigration path. She had a Masters Degree in Engineering, had a host of potential job offers in the United States, and had a FIANCEE waiting for her. And after 3 years he was finally told by an immigration bureaucrat “Look kid you better get an Immigration Attorney.” When he spoke to officials at the Australian Embassy trying to get him help they offered him a much quicker route to Australian Citizenship for himself then his wife to be was offered coming into our own country… but he choose to fight to bring the woman he loved to the country he loved. He had to quit school and get a job for two years to afford the money to hire the attorney and set him loose on the immigration system. And oh yeah during the time pay his student loan money, car payments, Pay for yearly trips to Australia,and the other host of bills we live with in this world.

I am for more immigration but to me a world where a Woman who has a spouse, good job prospects, and wants to be a citizen has to wait 5 years while some one who has the geographical advantage of location, no skills to add to this country can just walk in and get a “temporary” Visa that gives him all the rights of a permanent resident alien is simply amoral.

I could go dig up another story from my school’s news paper about a man and wife who was mislead once by a bureaucrat working for the INS, and then his wife was mislead and she is now stuck in Japan and he has been fighting a legal battle for over 7 years to fix two clerical mistakes.

These are the “educated” people that the Bush Administration Immigrations and Customs Enforcement Agency are fighting coming into the country while ignoring complaints of sheriffs and local agents about criminal aliens from mexico they have in their borders.

Heck I could bring up the stories of teachers who got deported because of an error on their visa renewal but the truth is that Immigrants from Central/South/Latin America are held to a differing standard. A standard that wants to bring into this country a lower educated, lower skilled, and lower quality workforce.

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