So Long Blogger, and thanks for all the fish

Well Folks I am hoping some of you coming here to read this have been fans of my prior blogger site. For those of you who are and Are Not let me say a little bit about who and what I am. “Hello I’m Larry Bernard and this is a website.” Ok maybe I should be a bit more Specific.

I am currently a 30 year old student in the public university system (because I screwed off when younger).Student at the University of South Florida with a Major in International Studies. When I started my progression of studies from Manatee Community College I originally was focused on the Middle East, which is still a Passion of mine. I am now focused a bit further to the east in Asia. I started out my life politically in the Libertarian party and ended up in the Republican party. And well… George Bush has me very disgruntled (and yeah I voted for him first republican president I did.)

So I am here now moving my bit of Blogging insanity to my 3rd blog, but keeping the name that I have the most recognition from.

Lets hope 3rd time is the charm.

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2 Responses to So Long Blogger, and thanks for all the fish

  1. Jane says:

    Hi Larry, the place looks good.

  2. karasoth says:

    Hey thanks 🙂 and welcome to My new comments section

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