Pat Hynes Outreach for McCain

Pat Hynes in his attempt to Herd Catch in the world of Blog has sent me to this great post Ok maybe by Great what I mean is (Triumph Voice):”For me to Poop On”

The argument? Doing nothing amounts to the very amnesty that conservatives are railing against. “Right now it’s de facto amnesty because we have 12 million people here illegally,” McCain said on “The O’Reilly Factor.” He added that the bill backed by him and Bush does “everything short of deportation,” pointing out that it includes fines, waiting periods and learning English in order to be a citizen.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm So in other words We can have a DeFacto Amnesty or a Semi-De Jur Amnesty

Well thats nice John I totally mis Judged you. Basically ” it is crooked but at least it is honestly crooked”

This is a delicate issue for McCain as it has the potential to play into fears among the conservative base that he simply isn’t one of them. This idea, which was born during the 2000 presidential primary fight between McCain and Bush, continues to linger despite the fact that McCain has spent much of the intervening seven years playing the role of “good solider” for the Bush administration.

The problem for McCain is that it is a far simpler case to oppose the legislation than support it. Decrying amnesty is an easy-to-understand political position that can be conveyed in a matter of seconds to a potential voter. Explaining why this bill is not amnesty takes far longer. Campaigns often hinge not on which candidate has the more nuanced position on a controversial issue but rather who has the more easily explained stance

Why is it not Amnesty

We give illegals a temporary visa that gives them almost all the advantages of legal residents

Why its not Amnesty “Hey its ALMOST all.. they like don’t have one or two” oh good that makes me feel better

So Pat thanks for Sending me Pro McCain Posts and I will continue to make fun of McCain for it.

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