Ok folks, The Shamnesty Part I

The Great Shamnesty: Or What is Burning Larry’s Bacon


I Had a lot of Blog Lethargy and I mean a lot. But there are many folks who finally managed to rise enough Gall that made me want to get back on the blogging bandwagon. The President, a man I regret voting for until John Kerry shows me what a utter train wreck he would have been as President (thanks John), his Secretary of Homeland Security (doing a great job there Mikey), and former hacks he tried to appoint (you know I’m talking about you Chavez) all say I am an ignorant “Beaner” hater. And am not basing my views on any rational position. If I had seen these things on Television this would make me seriously want to go Elvis on my TV right now. So I am going to start out right now with a general unified field theory of my thoughts on the Shamnesty and Illegal immigration in general and move on from there.


Lets start off with something very clear first and foremost. The Amnesty is bad for big business, but big business is to foolish and short sighted to see that. Some professional athletes wanted to cut some corners, and they injected themselves with HGH, Steroids, and the like. Got them Big Popeye Looking muscles but oh yeah it causes cancers and a host of other health problems. They have a maximized short term gain but long term they become weaker and cancerous.


-No stupid shamenestarians I am not calling Illegals a Cancer-


But it does Maximize Short Term gain, at the expense of long term benefits.


Lets tell a little story

WASHINGTON — Economist Philip Martin of the University of California likes to tell a story about the state’s tomato industry. In the early 1960s, growers relied on seasonal Mexican laborers, brought in under the government’s “bracero” program. The Mexicans picked the tomatoes that were then processed into ketchup and other products. In 1964, Congress killed the program despite growers’ warnings that its abolition would doom their industry. What happened? Well, plant scientists developed oblong tomatoes that could be harvested by machine. Since then, California’s tomato output has risen five times.

Lets take a look at that for a moment. Plant Scientists got high paying jobs (which went into housing, services, etc. as they put out their new project), New people gained an education in agrisciences *(thus leading to an increase in competative advantage)*, these products were able to be harvested by machines (nice union labor jobs, jobs for engineeers… etc)

and the end result Farmers produce 5 times their output and have more tomatoes into the market place.

So which path do we want to take the path where we have a perpetual supply of cheap labor coming into our country working at low wages keeping prices “Low” or do we want to instead focus on developing new solutions with innovation which lead to new science and technology which America can then sell around the world and oh by the way make the product cheaper. One Solution adds more value to the American economy and another just adds cheap labor.

When you hear the phrase “Jobs Americans won’t do” That is the solution our big business is taking just like Steroids in Baseball. But remember we do live in a “capitalist” system where profitability is supposed to matter.

Next I want to go to Professional Wrongologist and (no Offense) Blogger $hill for the McCain campaign Pat Hynes with a second of the points often sited by people who are saying I like to go out and wear a white hood.

It may sound crass and calculating (not for me, however, as I, like Gov. Bush and Mehlman support comprehensive immigration reform) but no national Republican coalition can exist in the next ten years without a substantial share of Hispanic voters.

Whats that Lassie Timmy fell down the Well?

No thats something else.

So Pat I am assuming the Poll that you and Melhman are saying is “our only hope” broke down Hispanics by groups. Because Cuban Americans who left Cuba after the rise of castro have different views then those who just landed in Miami today. And they certainly have different views then Hispanics whose families have lived in this country since the end of the Mexican American War. And lets not forget our good friends the Puerto Ricans who would get very upset at you if you group them in with the Mexican-Americans who got Amnesty in 1986.

And while we are at it lets be even more clear, the Mexicans are the part of this formula that matter most of all. Because not only will they be getting the biggest helping hand from the Shamnesty, they are by and large the most prominent Hispanic group entering the country (and most prominent immigrant group)

It is kind of funny how some folks who are arguing that I am a bigot are saying “all brown people think alike and have a similar culture” So perhaps their vitriol and venom could be some internal projection issues. I think we should call up doctor freud and go ask him about that.

Now to go to one of the “proofs” sited in this argument which proves not just the idiocy of the idea but the lack of the ability to view all hispanics as one broad brush.

In 1994, California Republicans embraced Proposition 187, which denied illegal immigrants public services. The proposition passed and the GOP won the governor’s mansion in the short term, but alienated the fastest growing constituency in the state. California has leaned Democratic ever since. No Republican presidential nominee has won the state since 1988.

I am kind of Impressed Proposition 187 has caused problems going back to 1988… Oh wait, you mean maybe things were trending against Republicans before 187.. but surely it made things worse right?

well Pete Wilson got re-elected with similar his panic numbers to what George Bush and the Standard republican party gets. And Hispanics in decent numbers voted for a Canidate who supported (at the time) 187 and Pete Wilson

So …hmmm… yeah seems like you guys are looking for something to blame there. Also to further the lack of any real basis in reality of this source Pat Quoted

Salsa outsells ketchup and tacos outsell hot dogs. One out of eight people under 35 in Nebraska is Hispanic.

What you are saying Only Hispanic Americans like Salsa? and only they like Tacos….. Are you saying ethnic groups only have a set diet

But remember these people are saying I am an evil racist

but the Wrongology there does not START with the political $hills saying we need to save the Republican Party. No no my friend off we go to the WSJ

Second, the bill strengthens American economic competitiveness. The high tech economy of the 21st century and the rise of China and India as economic powerhouses have left us with a stark choice. We must be home to the world’s most skilled workers if we are to have the world’s highest living standards. The immigration reform takes a step in this direction by ensuring that we, as a country, do a better job in granting visas to immigrants with the skills we need. We should welcome more computer programmers, engineers and scientists and this legislation admits more of these highly skilled workers.

Really so this adds a reasonable number of Visa’s for high skilled workers so Mircosoft doesn’t run out in a day? oh its a modest increase… hmmm yet we have 12-20 million getting “Temporary” Z Visa

Hmmm seems like we are paying lip service as opposed actually focusing on aggressively offering Citizenship and competing with China and India for their citizens coming here in our universities learning high tech skills. Oh and BTW India and China have very poor neighboring countries near them, and they don’t allow their workers to become Permanent Temporary workers either…They rather vigorously enforce their own borders.

But the Wall Street Journal further continues proving how they “Used to be cool”

Additionally, providing legal status to workers already in the U.S. adds them to the tax rolls. This will protect American taxpayers now bearing the burden of illegal immigrants who use public services but who don’t pay taxes.

Really so they are all out there making Income Tax taxable Incomes

Oh they aren’t? well what about Sales Taxes… Oh they are paying those already. And homeowners taxes.. yeah paying for those to

so really it is a net -0- in Tax increases, and even more of a zero since president Bush asked for the back taxes to be removed

Doing nothing is the real amnesty. Under this bill, illegal immigrants would be required to pay fines, pass strict background checks, remain employed and maintain a clean record to stay in the U.S. Getting these 12 million people out of the shadows will enhance our national security.

Strict Background checks which must be completed within one buisness day

and we can’t keep a Person with TB from Entering or Exiting the country and we know who he is how do we expect to do a real background check in one buisness day

Seriously Wall Street Journal whats wrong with you, don’t insult my intelligence. And Jeb your making me ashamed I voted for you

America is uniquely focused on your destination in life, not your origins. An individual’s race, creed or national origin isn’t what matters. What matters is that person’s work ethic, heart, dreams and aspirations. Our nation has become one out of many because we are a nation that assimilates newcomers. It’s why no one thinks of St. Patrick’s Day as a foreign holiday and why some of America’s best cuisine is Italian. Unlike the status quo, the proposed immigration reform would strengthen American culture and reinforce assimilation by requiring new citizens to learn English and master American civics.

So your saying the Status Quo means no Immigration

Oh… whats that… Immigrants would still be coming in. So really that argument is utterly meaningless. Thanks for sharing

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  1. Joe says:

    Nice post! You have said it very well. Keep going.

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