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Well Found the first thing I don’t like about the new site

I have to buy an upgrade to edit the code here and add some of the Bells and Whistles I like but thats ok

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Pat Hynes Outreach for McCain

Pat Hynes in his attempt to Herd Catch in the world of Blog has sent me to this great post Ok maybe by Great what I mean is (Triumph Voice):”For me to Poop On”

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Update of Blog posts completed

All the old Blogger Material is here now. So this is now the complete site

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Shamnesty Part III: Competative Advantage, Do you know what it means?

Now for Post Three I want to go to a general theme touched on by Jeb Bush and Ken Melhman in their WSJ Editorial about competition with India and China. Lets talk some Facts about the Economies of India and … Continue reading

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The Shamnesty Part II: More Fear and Loathing in Immigration

Part one was really long, and really long longer then a bellow the fold post would justify So here I offer up to you Part two by starting with one of my Biggest Problems “Back of the Line” the proponents … Continue reading

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Ok folks, The Shamnesty Part I

The Great Shamnesty: Or What is Burning Larry’s Bacon   I Had a lot of Blog Lethargy and I mean a lot. But there are many folks who finally managed to rise enough Gall that made me want to get … Continue reading

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Currently I am uploading my old blogger stuff

From my Proto-Inside Larry’s head blog, Inside Larry’s head, and my story Blog this seems to be taking a while

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We Have Moved

The Blog is over here now Need a new home and a new sense of direction.

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So Long Blogger, and thanks for all the fish

Well Folks I am hoping some of you coming here to read this have been fans of my prior blogger site. For those of you who are and Are Not let me say a little bit about who and what … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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